Our culture is very dear to us. When you get the best people in the world together, give them the tools to succeed, and have a little fun along the way, there's nothing you can't accomplish.


We love to express ourselves in fun & silly ways. Check out some of the posters we've created!

T-Shirt Museum

We love our brand, and we love showing it off. Here's a look back at all the shirts we've created over the years.


2015 Lake Party

Search Discovery works hard AND plays hard. Here's a recap of our summer lake party!

Jordan's Cubicle Lawn

When you leave for your honeymoon, you might come back to a new yard!

SDI does the Harlam Shake

Sure, we're all sick of it now. But for two weeks in 2013, we danced like no one was watching.

SDI Scooters

Jean Claude VanDamme has nothing on the flexibility of Lee Blankenship.

Lip Sync Battle

Check out our little talent show featuring the lip syncing talents of several SDI folks.

Balloon Prank

We filled up John Sherrod's office with hundreds of balloons. A real team effort!

Atlanta Motor Park

A day of go-kart racings and, more importantly, go-kart crashing.

Old School SDI

Take a look back at the early days of Search Discovery.

Paper Planes

Paper Airplane Throwing Contest After Our Back to School Themed Town Hall.