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What is a Container Tag?

Container tags are tags that you place on your site to trigger not one, but many other tags. Container tags make it easier for you to add, change, or remove tags, because they provide a delivery mechanism for the tags they contain.

Most businesses who market themselves online struggle with managing all of their marketing and analytics tags because they have to work through IT to physically place tags on important pages of your site. This is a slow process: your IT team is overloaded and you have to wait for the site to be pushed live before you can start getting data.

Container tags offer a solution to this problem by letting your IT group, marketers, or agencies to place tags in the "container," and they'll be delivered any time the container is delivered.

Is Adobe® Dynamic Tag Management a Container Tag?

Dynamic Tag Management is a lot like a container tag, but smarter. Rather than simply delivering a bunch of pre-determined tags when a page is loaded on your site, Dynamic Tag Management can conditionally load your tags, tools, or any script or HTML into your page under whatever conditions you choose, however broad or precise.

Want to remarket to people who mouse over a hot area of your interface for more than 2.5 seconds? Want to escalate your chat widget to the right person when someone has a high-value shopping cart? Want to trigger a soft conversion with a Floodlight tag when someone sees more than 5 pageviews during their visit? Want your analytics tool to track when people make phone calls from numbers on your site using their iPhone?


So, is Dynamic Tag Management a container tag? Sure, like Hubble is a camera.

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