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Installing Adobe® Dynamic Tag Management

Currently, Adobe® Dynamic Tag Management is only available to existing Adobe® Marketing Cloud customers. Installing Dynamic Tag Management is as simple as adding a line of javascript to your header. That’s it.

When you’re done with that grueling step, we recommend you take some time to stretch and meditate. Not because it was tough, but because you now finally have enough time to stretch and meditate.

Using Adobe® Dynamic Tag Management

After your wellness exercise, you can use Dynamic Tag Management's straightforward interface to start telling Dynamic Tag Management the pages and page elements you’d like to keep an eye on, whether these actions will create pageviews, set custom variables, trigger events, install widgets or tools, reveal an A/B test, or count conversions for your marketing campaign. Or any combination of these things.

When you create new rules, you'll test everything to make sure you’re happy with how it works. You’ll get a visual cue of the tracking behavior while in this mode, so there's no mistaking what Dynamic Tag Management or your tags are doing. Good? Hit publish and you’re live.

Go ahead and take a long lunch. You deserve it.

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