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Is Adobe® Dynamic Tag Management For Me?

If you own or manage a website and it has ever taken you longer than one minute to put a tag on your site, tag management is for you. Dynamic Tag Management enables you, in a matter of minutes, to do work that used to take weeks, and empowers nontechnical people to manage the tools they depend on for insight.

A breath of fresh air for busy IT departments

Dynamic Tag Management was designed from the ground up to completely remove the management of analytics, media tags, and other front-end web technologies from the IT group, so developers can focus on moving your site and your business forward.

Even if IT continues to be responsible for these things (many of our clients prefer to keep things that way), Dynamic Tag Management gives your developers a tool that cuts 95% of the time and effort out of the process, allowing them to fulfill your requests in real time rather than waiting for a new site push.

Manage tagging with ease, whether you have one site or thousands

With Dynamic Tag Management, you can easily manage your analytics, media, and other tags, and oversee your tracking rule sets across all of your sites, whether you have two, 200, or 2,000 domains. Dynamic Tag Management greatly simplifies the management of rollup analytics suites, and ensures all of the data gets to the right place.

For sites that span multiple subdomains or domains, Dynamic Tag Management completely automates the process for you, configuring your tool settings to handle these scenarios without you having to write a single character of javascript

Enable advanced mobile analytics

For tablets, smartphones and feature phones that have features not found in a traditional web browser, Dynamic Tag Management gives you tools to allow your analytics platform or other tags to react to a number of unique interactions, including mobile phone dials from page content, device orientation changes, zooming via pinch/double-tap, and links that trigger native apps to be invoked.

Keep up with new vendor features

Several times a year, your analytics tool provider comes out with new features and functionality that require you to add to or change the tags in your markup. With Dynamic Tag Management, you'll get a notification of when new features are available, giving you the option to add these features, sandbox them in your development environment, or just wait until later to give them a try. It also keeps a history; you can always undo anything you don't like with the click of a button.

Give your vendor the boot, or just see what's out there

The switching costs of changing analytics tools are unimaginably high. Likewise, the cost of "trying a tool out" is bonkers, too, and your IT department will probably lose their cool if you decide to remove a tool days or weeks after it went up.

With Dynamic Tag Management, you can put tools up on your site for just a few hours or days with zero development hours spent. If you run multiple tools in parallel, Dynamic Tag Management keeps those tools in sync. And if you'd like to make a switch, it can remove almost all of the switching cost from the equation. Dynamic Tag Management's account services teams can do translations between tools, allowing you to test drive or change tools any time you're ready.

With Dynamic Tag Management, you aren't stuck. Go ahead, kick some tires.

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