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What is Tag Management?

Tag management systems let you control your analytics tools, tests, marketing tags, and other tag-based technologies on your site with ease. And Dynamic Tag Management takes tag management to the next level. While most tag management systems are a great way to clean up some of the mess associated with tracking pixels/snippets, it asks: “Why not clean up the whole mess?”

Who will benefit from a tag management system?

Tag management systems are life-savers for businesses marketing their websites through multiple channels, using multiple tracking platforms, or who have a hard time getting the people throughout the organization to take analytics and media campaign tracking seriously.

In a nutshell, the best tag management systems act like script butlers on your website: when users go to certain pages or do certain things, the system will trigger your various tracking pixels/snippets, sending word to your analytics tool, paid search, affiliate, display, email, or other campaigns that something good happened. While this type of campaign measurement would normally require developers to manage hundreds of little pieces of javascript throughout your sites, these systems are tremendously helpful because they centralize these scripts and remove the tracking from the HTML itself, making it easier to modify, add, or remove tracking at any time while simultaneously speeding up your site.

How is Adobe® Dynamic Tag Management different?

Traditional tag management systems are there to help you manage the messy pile of tags from your various media efforts, but do little to help you on the analytics side, where sophisticated marketers are going to be spending the majority of their time. Many tag management systems will also only work when a page is loaded; Dynamic Tag Management can load any type of tag or analytics beacon on any user interaction within a page, and it can handle any number of tags you throw at it.

Dynamic Tag Management is designed by and for people who care how well their websites work, not just whether or not they work. Deep analysis and meaningful ROI shifts are only possible when you are able to understand your audience, see where they are struggling, and put changes or tests on your site to improve user experience and conversion propensity. You can’t get that information from a standard analytics tool implementation or from your media data: you have to get down to the nitty-gritty. Dynamic Tag Management makes it easy.

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