Friction Free Content Creation

by John Sherrod

When it comes to online visibility, exceptional content is vital to top rankings on search engines. But too often companies become stuck when trying to close the content gap. The understanding is there, but actually creating that highly desired “unique and compelling” content continues to evade many.

The question I hear all too often is, “Where do I begin?”

One piece of advice that I frequently give to clients is to let the customers lead the way. In most cases, customers have already shared their needs through customer service calls, comments and online requests for help. Answering these questions is usually a great place to start. The goal is to take advantage of the efforts that are already being made.

In programming, if the same piece of code is needed more than once, that code should be put into a function so that it becomes re-usable. In the same respect, if your customer service team is answering the same question multiple times, that answer should be the topic of new content creation. This can be in the form of an FAQ, a blog post or instructive video.

Listening to customers and responding to their questions is just good business. Taking it a step further to educate, share and advise based on customer feedback can be a great way to create unique, compelling and friction-free content.

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