Google AdWords Update: All About Conversion

New Conversion-aware Creative Rotation (CaCR)

On Wednesday, February 23, Google launched Conversion-aware Creative Rotation, which allows advertisers to optimize for conversions. Previously, the only two options for ad rotation were “Optimize For Clicks” (ads that are expected to provide more clicks show more often) and “Rotate” (ads show more evenly). The new third option allows advertisers to show ads that are expected to provide more conversions more often.

To use the new option, you will need to have Conversion Tracking enabled on your Google AdWords account, as the data gathered from it determines which ad is most likely to receive conversions.  If there is not enough conversion data to make a decision, Google will show the ad that is most likely to receive clicks.

*Hourly Conversion Stats Coming Soon! *

Soon you”ll be able to view conversion statistics by hour of day within the AdWords interface. To view this data, you”ll need to be using AdWords conversion tracking. Hourly data will be available within the Dimensions tab in the interface. Keep in mind conversions are attributed to the time of click, which may vary from the actual time of conversion.

To learn more about CaCR and hourly conversion data, contact your Search Discovery team.

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