SEM & SEO Tools: Live Blog PubCon Las Vegas

Welcome to the SEO/SEM Tools session at PubCon Las Vegas!

Many online marketers have excellent skills in a couple of different areas, but the rest of the available tactics are underutilized. In this session, experts will discuss the most up-to-date tools in search engine marketing. Come learn all about search engine optimization, pay-per-click and more, so you can add more bang for your marketing buck.
Aaron Kronis, SEO Evangelist , Wpromote Inc.

David Snyder, SVP of Product Development, BlueGlass

Jon Henshaw, Product Manager, Raven Internet Marketing Tools

  • Rand Fishkin was supposed to be part of this session but is unable to attend.

Up first David Snyder
1. Define Needs
- Research
- Management
- Reporting

2. Identify APIs for those Needs

- Google Webmaster Tools
- Copypress
- Odesk
Dave likes Centraldesktop much better than basecamp

- raven
- GA
- Twitter

Interact with data
Hire developer that knows
- xml

  • Have them read documentation on your APIs and give you options for data.

  • Select how you will use data and have them begin building the calls and crawl for getting this information into your tool.

  • Hire a UI designer that knows HTML/CSS to develop a usable front end design

- why is your tool better (flaw in most SEO tools)

  • what unique value will it add to your organization

  • how can the value be increased

  • Where to find social metrics

  • How to find backlinks

  • Where to find expert q&a

Modern Coding
- Code that makes sense and solves problems will be standardized
- Original HTML was semantic but was vastly ignored by web designer
- Enter microformats

- Designed for Humans and Machines
- Structured Data
People, Organizations, Calendars, Events, Opinions, Ratings, Reviews, Licenses

For example hCard Creator at

- Content Focused
- New Semantic Block Elements
header, section, article, aside, nav, footer

  • Similar to AdSense Section Targeting

PageSpeed tools:
- Yslow
- PageSpeed

- search volume

Survey your target
- find out what actual customers look for
- task oriented user testing

- What do people want to read?
- Current trends, like those found at Google Insights can be helpful

Content analysis
- TagCrowd
- Semantic Proxy engine
- Open Calis Viewer

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