Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our search engine optimization strategies are designed to achieve authentic and long-term results. We use proven methodologies to leverage our expertise, ultimately helping clients around the world to achieve measurable success through targeted insight and meticulous execution.

Traditional SEO methods were deemed successful when they increased brand visibility through higher rankings in search engines such as Google and Bing. However, increased rankings may be only temporary. We believe that companies will succeed and enjoy online profitability only when they take a holistic approach to search engine optimization. By incorporating world-class web analytics, industry-specific experience and integrating quality content to satisfy user intent, we increase visitor loyalty and conversion rates while giving your company the authentic search engine presence it deserves.

In the early days of search engine optimization, websites could garner search engine visibility by stuffing keywords into meta data, submitting to a couple feed programs and then calling it a day. That one-size-fits-all approach to SEO died along with the floppy disc. Many of the spammy tactics that exploited the weaknesses of past search engines were not only lacking in positive benefit, but they would damage a website’s reputation and ranking if employed today.

As search engines have become more sophisticated, social signals, user sentiment, engagement behavior and other human factors have been integrated into search engine algorithms. As a result, websites built solely for search engines are quickly losing their rankings and are being replaced by websites that authentically satisfy human expectations and intent. Thus, modern SEO must focus on the end user, the customer – the actual person sitting at the keyboard, engaging with your website.

Search Discovery’s approach to SEO balances the requirements of search engines with the needs of the customer to create a quality, sustainable, optimization strategy. At the core of our SEO program, we address the fundamental variables that lay the foundation for long-term success:

  1. Website Accessibility – Can search engines actually see (index) your content? There are often many obstacles that can prevent a simple web crawler from finding your content in images and other substandard coding techniques including, but not limited to Javascript navigation, Frames, Flash, and AJAX.
  2. Website Description – Does your website accurately portray itself linguistically and architecturally? An optimized website description refers to the successful integration of linguistic elements (keywords and phrases) into a stable and consistent architecture. Rather than merely sprinkling keywords onto a webpage, the architecture should deliver search engine-friendly content without unnecessary duplication or “keyword cannibalization.” Through extensive keyword research, strategic keyword placements and HTML integration, we take advantage of the way search engines categorize and rank web pages, ultimately leading to a sustained presence in the digital marketplace.
  3. Website Reputation and Popularity – Is your website referenced by credible sources? Google changed the search engine landscape by introducing link authority and PageRank into their algorithm. Bing emphasizes link authority as well and typically will not index a web page if another website does not link to it first. Links help search engines evaluate the reputation and authority of a website. Beyond the quantity of links pointing to a website, the source the link and method of acquisition (given, earned or paid) greatly affects how a search engine interprets a website’s quality. Websites that create great content and help their customers typically have little difficulty acquiring links from brand evangelists. On the other hand, websites that buy or trade links can face drastic search engine penalties – just ask JCPenney.

The Search Discovery SEO team takes a custom tailored approach to online success. Because no two companies are exactly alike, our comprehensive strategies for achieving high visibility are created on a website-by-website basis. While most websites share similar goals, the tactics to achieve those goals are dependent upon many factors. The chosen code base, hosting environment, competitive landscape, website architecture and overall content presentation are additional variables that help determine our tactical emphasis and direction.

Not only highly experienced and technically adept, Search Discovery SEO professionals have the ability to provide a wide range of insights through our technical site assessments and prioritized recommendations based on the potential for positive, long-term success. We help our clients internalize SEO best practices and integrate them into their development process. If you would like to learn more about our approach or how we can help with your SEO campaign, contact us today.