Data Visualization & Storytelling

Engage and activate. Clear and compelling communication methods are the key to driving real change in organizations.

The entire process of collecting, refining and using data is important, but it often breaks down when it's time to clearly communicate hard-won insights and understanding. It's why so many companies still struggle to see a return on their investments in data, analytics and business intelligence.

Presenting insights and understanding in an engaging and effective way is challenging, but it can be learned. We enable our clients to communicate and engage their internal audiences effectively, driving real change and results in a measurable and highly accountable way.

Here are some of our Data Visualization and Storytelling services:

Executive Training
Presentation Consulting
Team Training
Keynotes, Executive Presentations, Board Presentations & Strategy Planning
Physical installations

Meet Lea, Director of Data Visualization and Storytelling

I'm Lea Pica, digital analytics practitioner and presentation enthusiast. I'm here to help you make your digital analytics stories soar.

With over 11 years of experience building search marketing and digital analytics practices for companies like Scholastic and Prudential, I know data — and how ineffectively it gets communicated. Our team at Search Discovery wants to help you unleash the power and impact your data and analysis can have on your organization.

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