Analytics Benchmark

Why This Benchmark? Better decision making that drives measurable business impact. Unfortunately, too many organizations do not realize digital analytics is the catalyst, despite significant effort and investment. Our Analytics Benchmark assessment aids you in understanding where your measurement ecosystem is not working and provides you with a roadmap to finally recognize the return on your analytics investment.

An effective and agile analytics ecosystem should support your organization's strategic objectives. The Analytics Benchmark helps you measure the effectiveness of your teams, technology, and process as they align to those goals. What's helping or hurting your organization? Our platform shows you.

Leveraging our deep analytics expertise and experience, we evaluate six critical components of your measurement ecosystem and give you observations and recommendations to guide you in turning your analytics into a powerful tool that your entire company can use.

Tools & Implementation

We start by evaluating the current tools and technology in place today. We perform a thorough diagnostic, ensuring that these tools are setup, configured and implemented consistently across channels. This step is essential to build a measurement environment that you can trust as a foundation for decision making.

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting and ongoing analysis is the critical point for generating observations and insights that lead to decisions. Aligning the entire organization on how to understand this information and making certain it gets to the people who need it to make decisions unlocks the value in the measurement ecosystem.

Segmentation/Data Integration

Too often, data gets collected and stored in silos, while teams have little time to spend analyzing across data sources. Using integrated data to optimize business decisions is the key to making data actionable. Our team reviews your organization’s current segmentation and integration techniques to show you where your company sits today and where we can take you tomorrow.


Ongoing testing & optimization programs are imperative for an organization to sustain continuous improvement. We investigate your current program and provide recommendations focused on improving the effectiveness and consistency of your optimization efforts.

Governance & Strategy

The tools, reports, and processes put in place require oversight and management. Ensuring that teams utilize the tools and processes correctly and in a manner that can evolve with the business requires effective change control and governance systems.

Culture & Adoption

Fully aligning the entire organization as a data-driven community is a long road. It is more than having the right tools, processes and procedures in place.

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