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Search Discovery’s certified Domo professionals will empower teams across your organization to make better decisions. Our analytics expertise combines with the power of Domo’s business cloud to consolidate all your data in one place, giving you increased visibility, new insights and fresh perspectives. With Search Discovery as your partner, your data silo days are over. Together, we'll turn your disparate departments into integrated data channels that propel measurable growth for your business.

Improved visibility leads to improved performance

Domo Detail

Improve visibility across channels

Acquire actionable performance insights

Improve operational efficiency

Pivot faster to changing market conditions

Success Stories

Apartment Finder
Search Discovery implemented Domo to assist as they dramatically scaled their digital marketing efforts across 160+ local markets.
Daily performance dashboards
Reduced CPC by 13% using Daily Pacing Visibility
Channel performance reports and drill downs
Successfully supported optimization while Paid Media traffic grew 800% in 2 week period
AMY Award Winner for Marketing Analytics - Data Visualization

PEX card
Search Discovery leveraged Domo to visualize Salesforce data in real-time, providing the information necessary to optimize PEX's sales pipeline.
Automated weekly reporting
Detailed information on sales cycle
Better information about lead source efficiency and effectiveness
Elegant cards that answer business questions in a digestible format

Example cards and custom solutions:

Campaign and website launch dashboards

Performance dashboards

Campaign pacing

Channel performance

Channel drilldowns

Mobile Insights

CPC Analysis

Market Health Analysis

Deep expertise with vital marketing data sources

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