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What Is Google Analytics 360?

The Google Analytics 360 Suite is made up of six products (2 of which are brand new) that have been designed specifically for digital marketers with enterprise needs. Google Analytics 360 (the paid version of Google Analytics formerly known as Premium) is the centerpiece of the Suite, and the other five products build on the Google Analytics capabilities you are familiar with to greatly improve your ability to consolidate, analyze, visualize, and act on your digital data.

What Products Are Included In The Google Analytics 360 Suite?

For each product listed below you can click “is it right for me?” to see a series of questions that are intended to help you determine if the selected product is a good fit for your business.

Google Analytics 360

As the core product in the 360 Suite, Google Analytics 360 is your tool for consolidating data collected across mobile and desktop devices, integrating with data from advertising products, and conducting analysis.

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Tag Manager 360

Unlike the free version of Google Tag Manager, Tag Manager 360 includes a SLA to guarantee that your tags and the user interface will be online when you expect them to be.

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Optimize 360

Create personalized experiences for your website visitors based on segments you create in Google Analytics. Deploy tests and see exactly how the changes you make impact the conversion rates of your goals.

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Data Studio 360

Build beautiful dashboards and reports by joining data from all of your marketing sources. Collaborate and share your dashboard with others using the same tools you're familiar with from Google Docs.

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Attribution 360

Understand the ROI that you are getting from all of your marketing channels (including both online and offline channels such as TV) so that you can make wise investment decisions.

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Audience Center 360

As the DMP of the 360 Suite, Audience Center 360 organizes your customer data so that your message can reach your most valuable audiences at the right time.

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How Do I Purchase Products In The Google Analytics 360 Suite?

Each of the six products in the Google Analytics 360 Suite is sold separately, and it is not required that you purchase any of the products to be eligible to purchase any others. Products can be purchased directly from Google or through a reseller like Search Discovery.

NOTE: The suite is currently being rolled out in Q2 and Q3 of 2016, so some products may not currently be available for purchase.

Why Purchase 360 Suite Products From Search Discovery?

When you choose to purchase products in the Google Analytics 360 Suite from Search Discovery, you are purchasing more than just the software:

  • You are ensuring your tools are implemented correctly
  • You are enhancing the capabilities of your team
  • You are receiving the best price for the value you are getting on the market

Additional Analytics Services

In addition to the implementation and training services that are included with your purchase, the Analytics experts at Search Discovery also provide a broad range of value added services to help you get the most value out of your investment, such as:

  • Measurement Strategy Consulting
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Integration and Transformation Services With Google BigQuery
  • Analytics Governance & Maturity Consulting
  • Similar Support For Virtually Every Digital Marketing Tool on the Market: Optimizely, Adobe Analytics, Adobe DTM, CrazyEgg, etc.

Accomplishments & Awards

The Analytics team at Search Discovery has been recognized with the following recognition and awards:

  • Winner of the 2015 Excellence in Analytics Award from Google
  • 2016 Digital Analytics Association Awards For Excellence: Most Influential Agency, Finalist
  • Developers of Satellite Tag Manager (currently known as Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager)
  • Search Discovery was one of the first 13 agencies in the United States that were certified to be Google Tag Manager partners in 2015
  • 2016 Atlanta Marketing Association: AMY Award for Analytics Application

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