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Is Google Analytics 360 Right For Me?

The free version of Google Analytics is an extremely powerful and easy to use product. So why upgrade to Google Analytics 360? In short, we find that our customers have four common reasons to upgrade:

  1. Process more data, faster, without sampling limitations.
  2. Get help from a dedicated support team when you need it.
  3. Integrate seamlessly with other Google products.
  4. Create custom funnels, and roll up data between multiple properties.
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Answer the questions below to determine if Google Analytics 360 is a good fit for your business:

Q:  Does your website generate more than $1 MM in revenue per year?
A: If so you are more likely to see a positive return on your investment

Q:  Do you have at least one full time employee dedicated to analytics?
A: If not, you may not be ready to take advantage of all the new features you will receive

Q:  Do you have multiple brands or site that need to be analyzed individually?
A: If so you may benefit from roll up reporting

Q:  Do you currently exceed 10 million hits per month?
A: If so you are probably running into data processing limits and sampling issues

Q:  Do you import your analytics data into another tool for reporting?
A: If so you may benefit from the integration with Google BigQuery

Q:  Do you use DoubleClick Campaign Manager or Bid Manager?
A: If so you will need 360 to import your impression and cost data and view a full ROI

Q:  Do you plan to use other products in the Google Analytics 360 Suite?
A: If so you may benefit from the enhanced integrations that Google plans to roll out over time

Q:  Do you compare the ROI of your digital channels to decide where to invest your advertising dollars?
A: If so you may benefit from the data driven attribution reports available in 360

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