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Is Data Studio 360 Right For Me?

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Your customer data is stored in a variety of locations: your analytics tool, CRM system, social media platform, spreadsheets, and more. Data Studio 360 allows you to combine data from all of these sources so that it can be analyzed, visualized and shared with your team.

Answer the questions below to determine if Data Studio 360 is a good fit for your business:

Q:  Do you use the Google Analytics 360 integration with BigQuery?
A: If so, you will benefit from Data Studio 360’s ability to visualize data directly out of BigQuery.

Q:  Is your Google Analytics data stored across multiple views so that you have to go to multiple locations to pull some reports together?
A: If so, you can report from multiple views in a single report using Data Studio 360.

Q:  Do you find yourself pulling data into Excel before you can share it with the team?
A: If so, stop it!

Q:  Do you currently pull data together from multiple channels and vendors to understand the ROI of your advertising dollars?
A: If so, you will benefit from the ability to easily import data from multiple sources.

Q:  Do you have dashboards and reports that are refreshed weekly or monthly?
A: If so, you can use Data Studio to make these reports beautiful and fully automated.

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