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Is Optimize 360 Right For Me?

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There are many tools on the market that allow you to run tests and personalize experiences, but Optimize 360 is unique in its ability to leverage the power of segments created in Google Analytics to target variations of your site to very specific audiences.

Answer the questions below to determine if Optimize 360 is a good fit for your business:

Q:  Do you already use Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360?
A: If so, you will benefit from the powerful integration between Google Analytics and Optimize 360

Q:  Have you developed a segmentation strategy to understand what types of users are on your site, and how user intent differs between segments?
A: If so, you will benefit from the ability to personalize content to each segment

Q:  Do you have at least one full time employee dedicated to improving the user experience of your site?
A: If so, you may choose to run frequent tests to continuously improve your site design and function

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