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Is Google Tag Manager 360 Right For Me?

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Google Tag Manager enables you to track user behavior on your website or mobile app without the need to write complex code. Google Tag Manager 360 offers the same capabilities as the free product, but also includes services, technical support, and a SLA to guarantee that your tags and the user interface will be online when you expect them to be.

NOTE: If you purchase Google Analytics 360, you automatically receive Google Tag Manager 360 at no additional charge.

Answer the questions below to determine if Google Tag Manager 360 is a good fit for your business:

Q:  Does your company require that all products installed on your site include a SLA to guarantee uptime?
A: If so, Google Tag Manager 360 has you covered.

Q:  Do you have a GTM certified partner or full time employee who is able to address any technical challenges that may arise?
A: If not, you will benefit from the services and support that are included in your Google Tag Manager 360 purchase.

Q:  Do you trust that all of your marketing tags are free of malware?
A: If not, you will benefit from Google Tag Manager 360 automated malware detection.

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