American Cancer Society looks to Search Discovery for help with improving data quality and understanding.

For over 100 years, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has worked relentlessly to save lives and create a world with less cancer.

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"We do not trust our data."

The American Cancer Society could not trust their data. Like many organizations, ACS wanted to leverage information about how their constituents were interacting with them online to improve performance of their digital marketing efforts. However, they did not have confidence in the information that was being collected. ACS reached out to SDI for assistance in diagnosing and solving their data quality problems.

They were also suffering from numerous project management issues, and had no real process for managing the analytics team. Compounding matters was the enormous amount of manual reporting ACS was having to do.

Start at the beginning.

What started out as assistance with their data collection and data quality quickly expanded to other areas that ACS was struggling to get their arms wrapped around. This included addressing the copious amounts of manual reporting, lack of understanding of digital analytics and metrics across their teams and departments, and overall governance of their analytics efforts.

The team became more efficient at scoping work out, prioritizing, setting expectations, and delivering complete projects to the rest of the internal organization.

SDI completely redesigned and relaunched ACS’s approach to deploying and managing digital analytics. Our solution started with a new approach to deploying analytics measures and other marketing beacons through Adobe Dynamic Tag Management. This solution was tested on one site, then quickly expanded to 13 properties that ACS had in market.

We also built an automated reporting solution using the Google Analytics API and Tableau. As the solution was launched, it became clear our efforts were making a difference. We continued our partnership to include educating and training their team members, and assisting in the redesign of their analytics workflow ensuring everyone at ACS aligned on how to use and share the digital analytics information they were now receiving.


The new analytics solution and data centric environment provided American Cancer Society with data they could actually trust. The data was more complete, including a greater number of events and details about visitors’ interaction than ACS had previously. The efficiency of the automated reports provided significant times savings, letting their teams analyze and learn more about their visitors. The team became more efficient at scoping work out, prioritizing, setting expectations, and delivering complete projects to the rest of the internal organization.

All of this ultimately led to a powerful internal transformation at ACS where people were understanding the data, aligned on what it meant, and were able to react more quickly to the changing needs and behaviours of their constituency.

Basically, the analytics team looked like super geniuses. It was awesome.


It was incredibly rewarding to work with an organization that wanted to get better. They knew how important having the right data was to building their organizations confidence over time. It was a true partnership. This openness and collaboration made it surprisingly easy to make a big difference in the entire organization's attitude toward analytics. This shift has now allowed ACS to have access to the information they need to stay relevant and drive engagement with their community.

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