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Demystifying the Data Scientist Role

Digital Analytics Power Hour Attempts to Reveal the Elusive Data Scientist We all know that a data scientist is not just an analyst who lives in California, but role definitions remain elusive still. On a recent Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast, Tim Wilson, Moe Kiss, and I (Michael Helbling) had the chance to talk with

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Creating Balanced Teams (and Avoiding Groupthink)

International Women’s Day in 2019 was on March 8th. In honor of that day, two of the three regular co-hosts of the Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast (the two straight, white, cisgender male ones — both of whom now work at Search Discovery) sat out the episode and handed the mic fully over to their

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Podcast Measurement: A RAD Emerging Standard

  Podcasts are on the rise! Consider: According to research conducted in 2018 by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, 34% of individuals 18 years old and older across 22 developed countries have accessed a podcast in the last month According to a study conducted by the IAB and PwC in 2018, U.S. podcast

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