Leading By Example

Search Discov­ery’s culture of excel­lence, value creation, and passion for people is derived from a unique mix of back­grounds in large agen­cies, Fortune 500 exec­u­tive roles, manage­ment consult­ing, tech­nol­ogy, product lead­er­ship and more.

We seek and grow leaders who embody our core values, have proven track records, and are deeply commit­ted to quality, compas­sion, and embrace change.

Lee Blankenship

Lee Blankenship

Chief Exec­u­tive Officer

Lee Blanken­ship founded Search Discovery in 2004 as a search market­ing agency with a collab­o­ra­tive culture that lets team members grow and thrive.

For the past 13 years, he has lead the direc­tion of Search Discovery and success­fully evolved the busi­ness through the addi­tion of an indus­try-leading digital analyt­ics consult­ing prac­tice, the devel­op­ment and success­ful exit of Satel­lite to Adobe Systems in 2013, and now as we become one of the fore­most consul­tan­cies around using data to drive supe­rior deci­sions across the enter­prise.

Lee has been recog­nized by the Tech­nol­ogy Asso­ci­a­tion of Georgia as the Analyt­ics Marketer of the Year and awarded Tech­ni­cal Achieve­ment of the Year by AiMA. Lee is a co-founder of SEMPO and enjoys giving back to the commu­nity by teach­ing his Digital Market­ing Revo­lu­tion class to seniors at Emory Univer­sity.

Lee lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and son. He is an avid base­ball fan, and enjoys skiing, snow­board­ing, golf and his latest passion, kite­board­ing.

Mike Gustafson

Mike Gustafson


Mike Gustafson is a passion­ate leader with a proven track record of build­ing and growing success­ful teams and solu­tions. As the Pres­i­dent of Search Discovery, Mike leads the exec­u­tive team in balanc­ing day to day oper­a­tions and client deliv­ery with long-term solu­tion devel­op­ment and growth, while main­tain­ing a culture and envi­ron­ment that allows team members to thrive.

Mike is a seasoned market­ing and tech­nol­ogy exec­u­tive whose career includes star­tups, nonprof­its, upstart web shops and full-service digital agen­cies serving Fortune 500 clients. He has spent the last decade growing and leading teams that create and imple­ment impact­ful tech­nol­ogy and market­ing solu­tions across diverse indus­tries.

Mike studied Computer Science at Case Western Reserve Univer­sity and Spir­i­tual Forma­tion at Ashland Theo­log­i­cal Semi­nary. Mike lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and four chil­dren, and he can often be found coach­ing youth sports, reading or making attempts to be a golfer and bird hunter.

Steve Gustafson

Steve Gustafson

Chief Oper­at­ing Officer

As Search Discov­ery’s Chief Oper­at­ing Officer, Steve Gustafson over­sees sales, market­ing and overall client services and deliv­ery. Steve’s expe­ri­ence working at Fortune 500 compa­nies span­ning a variety of indus­tries and co-found­ing a startup helps him ensure that Search Discov­ery’s clients thrive.  

Steve has spent his career helping busi­nesses grow. His expe­ri­ence at IBM, General Elec­tric and Texas Instru­ments set a strong foun­da­tion for him to move into consult­ing and help clients across various strate­gic projects. Steve has spent more than 10 years helping clients use a data driven approach to drive busi­ness impact.

Steve has an Inter­na­tional MBA from Thun­der­bird and an Inter­na­tional Finance and Econom­ics degree from the Rochester Insti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Renea and his chil­dren Anna, Jon and Layla, and balances a busy work sched­ule and family life with hunting, fishing, boating and golf.

Pat Hofford

Pat Hofford

Chief Finan­cial Officer

Pat’s career in both corpo­rate and entre­pre­neur­ial finance has ranged from early and late stage star­tups to enter­prise tech­nol­ogy and profes­sional services orga­ni­za­tions. Over his 13 years of expe­ri­ence as a finan­cial exec­u­tive at orga­ni­za­tions across various indus­tries, busi­ness envi­ron­ments and capital struc­tures, Pat has over­seen triple-digit growth in several busi­nesses and has managed the complex­ity and growth of busi­nesses ranging from a few million dollars of revenue to over $300 million in revenue. Pat also lends his time and exper­tise to educa­tion non profits and Bad Girl Ventures, a busi­ness incu­ba­tor that supports women entre­pre­neurs as they tran­si­tion their busi­ness ideas from concepts to fully oper­a­tional busi­ness plans.

Pat lives in Cleve­land, Ohio with his wife and two kids. He is a diehard Cleve­land sports fan enjoys spend­ing time hiking, biking, camping and skiing with his family.

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