Say Goodbye to DTM and Hello to Launch!

DTM Plans for Sunset.

Are you ready?

July 2019: DTM will no longer allow the creation of new prop­er­ties.

July 2020: DTM prop­er­ties will enter a Read-only mode.

Decem­ber 2020: DTM will go dark. 

5 Reasons To Migrate To Launch by Adobe

If you are an Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud customer currently using DTM, now is the time to plan for your migra­tion to Launch by Adobe.

#1 — Launch has powerful new features

Power­ful new features and capa­bil­i­ties in Launch include faster page load time, easier imple­men­ta­tion of tech­nolo­gies through exten­sions, greater control of tags, enter­prise-grade publish­ing work­flow enabling concur­rent devel­op­ment efforts, dedi­cated pre-rollout staging envi­ron­ment for quality assur­ance, and work­flow automa­tion for key repet­i­tive tasks.

#2 — Launch can improve your customers experience

Launch is built for speed. Its opti­mized build process produces libraries less than half the size of DTM’s already small foot­print, and its updated tag inser­tion methods further speed deliv­ery.  Launch supports an asyn­chro­nous library load that will not block other elements of the page from loading while the library loads, dramat­i­cally speed­ing pages to your customer.

#3 — Launch is easier to use for non-technical team members

Much of the work that once required exper­tise with JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other web tech­nolo­gies has been elevated, so less tech­ni­cal users can be imme­di­ately produc­tive. This trend will continue as the exten­sion catalog grows.

#4 — Launch is extensible

Built in an “API first” manner on open source compo­nents, Launch can be extended to meet your company’s needs.  Whether you need to central­ize the core tagging for a thou­sand sites or auto­mate analyt­ics imple­men­ta­tions for your SAAS offer­ing, Launch can do it.

#5 — Launch is the platform of the future

Moving forward, all Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud feature updates and inte­gra­tions will be built for Launch. As the commu­nity of Launch Exten­sion devel­op­ers grows, so will the func­tional advance­ments to the plat­form, and so will your advan­tages.

Search Discovery Tools 

We are devel­op­ing a collec­tion of tools to assist users of Launch by Adobe and Adobe DTM.

Migrat­ing to Launch?  Use our free Adobe DTM to Launch assess­ment tool to prepare for your migra­tion. We’ll help you eval­u­ate your current state of readi­ness and iden­tify specific items you will need to address in the migra­tion process.

Try it now.

The useful and popular DTM Switch has been greatly enhanced to support both Launch by Adobe and Adobe DTM.  Easily change envi­ron­ments as you build and test your solu­tions.

Get the Launch and DTM Switch Chrome exten­sion.

The SDI Toolkit is an exten­sion for Launch by Adobe provid­ing pack­aged solu­tions to some of the most common imple­men­ta­tion needs.

Learn more here.

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