Adobe Summit 2017 — What we heard from the attendees

Next, let’s turn from the points Adobe was propos­ing to the people who were listen­ing. One of my favorite things about Summit is that it is the rare kind of event where the true pulse of the indus­try can be measured.

To that end, we had over 400 conver­sa­tions with brands of all shapes and sizes at our booth this year. There were some very consis­tent ques­tions and strug­gles that people were bring­ing up. Many of these sound remark­ably like the conver­sa­tions I was having at Summit five, six or seven years ago, while others were new. 

I’ll propose an idea: I believe it’s unim­por­tant to look at insights like those below and deter­mine whether it is surpris­ing or not that brands are strug­gling in certain areas. I think what is impor­tant for us all to recog­nize is that getting these things right, as simple as they may seem, is hugely differ­en­ti­at­ing for brands, opens new market oppor­tu­ni­ties, and drives real ROI.

Most impor­tantly, I want us to recog­nize that closing these gaps is actu­ally real­is­tic. It’s very, very impor­tant to have the funda­men­tals right before leaping to the bleed­ing edge (or to not lose focus on them as you’re leaping). The funda­men­tals are your safety net if that leap doesn’t work out, and in many cases, they are totally neces­sary to take leaps in the first place.

Here’s a rundown of the kinds of ques­tions we were asking and the kinds of responses we heard. A great way to use this is to make a check­list for your own orga­ni­za­tion. What are you in need of? What are you working on? What do you need to work on? You can also map out depen­den­cies: which projects open doors to solving other oppor­tu­ni­ties? In each section, I have grouped projects and ideas into cate­gories that elevate the issue or discus­sion to the level we typi­cally try to work at.

Do you iden­tify with some or most of this? I would love to hear your thoughts (email me at


What is your organization struggling with?
  • Making good on the promise
    • Real­iz­ing ROI on current tool invest­ments
    • Tagging in place but strug­gling with what to do with the data next (matu­rity)
    • Taking analyt­ics to the next level and analyz­ing the inter­sec­tion of audi­ences and content
    • Really creat­ing content person­al­iza­tion and targeted expe­ri­ences across chan­nels and tech­nolo­gies
  • Being strate­gic
    • Over­whelmed with possi­bil­i­ties, Deter­min­ing next best step on a roadmap with many possi­bil­i­ties, Where to start?
    • Under­stand­ing the key problem we are solving before throw­ing a tool at it
  • Orga­ni­za­tional support
    • Gaining inter­nal trac­tion on opti­miza­tion strat­egy
    • No time/resources
  • Funda­men­tals and tech­ni­cal needs
    • Trust­ing data
    • Inte­grat­ing data
    • Target on Single Page Appli­ca­tions
What kinds of projects do you currently have underway?
  • Tagging and Tech­ni­cal
    • Tech­ni­cal Analyt­ics tagging audits
    • 3rd party data inte­gra­tions
    • Mobile analyt­ics and tagging
  • Estab­lish­ing compe­ten­cies and centers of excel­lence
    • A/B testing—building capa­bil­i­ties
    • Pilot­ing Target but in need of help to form a strat­egy for the program that could follow the pilot
    • Person­al­iza­tion programs launch­ing or growing to be cross-channel
    • Growth and augmen­ta­tion of analyt­ics team
  • Step­ping stones
    • Build­ing data warehouses/data lakes for consol­i­da­tion of all data sources
    • Moving to AEM and then broad­en­ing to using the Expe­ri­ence Cloud
    • Inte­gra­tion of offline data into Analyt­ics and audi­ences
    • Complete website redesigns


What projects do you wish you had underway?
  • Formal­iz­ing projects that have run on the side
    • Formal Analyt­ics imple­men­ta­tion and target projects, rather than hoping it will work itself out”
    • Data inte­gra­tion projects to empower personalization/targeting
  • Moving toward better, more personal expe­ri­ences
    • Greater person­al­iza­tion and effort to improve expe­ri­ences
    • Segmen­ta­tion analy­sis and defi­n­i­tion
  • Busi­ness Health and Customer Analy­sis Projects
    • Customer value/lifetime value
    • Better visu­al­iza­tions of data
  • Adding and enhanc­ing key market­ing archi­tec­ture
    • DMP/Audience Manager
    • Enhanc­ing DTM implementation/Launch
What was your reaction to mainstage content?
  • I liked the idea of better expe­ri­ences, but unsure of how to execute on that”
  • I’m over­whelmed with the amount of infor­ma­tion”
  • Will Launch be more of a developer’s tool?”
  • How will launch affect my current roadmap? Should I hold off? How to take advan­tage of new features?”
  • Why so many clouds, and clouds of clouds?”
  • What are new analyt­ics levels? How do I get access to predic­tive in the new struc­ture?”


In Summary

Clearly, there was a lot on people’s minds at Summit this year, but there are certainly some trends that emerged. Orga­ni­za­tions are still very much actively invest­ing in strength­en­ing their funda­men­tals, improv­ing data quality, and inte­grat­ing their various data sources and execu­tion plat­forms (remember—architectures trump prod­ucts!). At the same time, many brands still feel like they need to make data quality less of a side effort and more of a focused project, and the same goes for data inte­gra­tion projects, becom­ing great at segmen­ta­tion, and defin­ing core ideas like the value of a customer.

While there was a lot of discus­sion of expe­ri­ences, brands are certainly not settled on the best strate­gies to bridge the divide between the idea of great expe­ri­ences across chan­nels and the execu­tion of that idea. Simi­larly, analysts and marketers were very much iden­ti­fy­ing with our focus on using great stories and better data visu­al­iza­tion to not just inform, but compel exec­u­tives to act on find­ings and accel­er­ate.

So, where do we go from here? The next section, What it all means and what to do about it, will cover exactly that.

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