Solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges at the same time.

Search Discovery’s capacity-building approach works together with our solutions to enable your organization to drive improved decision making across the enterprise.

Our approach is designed to address immediate and pressing challenges in a way that sets you up for long-term success. Our three “modes” of engagement can work independently or together to meet your needs and set you and your team up for long term success.


When we activate, we are talking about results. Our team will immediately get to work on projects that overcome immediate hurdles to capturing value from your data. Within weeks of beginning your journey with us, you will be achieving direct, provable results, and gaining momentum.

Sometimes, you just need to phone a friend, and that is what Activation is all about. Whether you are in a rut or you are looking to launch a project where you need highly-experienced, hands-on assistance, Search Discovery acts as an extension of your team to deliver immediate results.

The outcomes of an activation-oriented engagement with Search Discovery will be both direct results and clarity about what is possible, allowing your team to seamlessly transition the work internally with a high bar of performance set, or work with us to create a roadmap for scaling the results up to the next level.

My Search Discovery team is more than a vendor. They are MY team.

—American Cancer Society


Our goal is to empower your team for long term success. We want to help you launch new efforts, but we know that to drive the desired impact from any project, your team has to be empowered. Empowerment is about coaching, teaching and working alongside your execution and management teams to increase your own capacity to execute and impact the business.

We want to ensure we help your team understand best practices that are proven to work, establish broader and sharper skills, improved communication, overhauled process and deliverables, and a concrete plan for the next two to four quarters, depending on your specific needs.

Search Discovery is extremely knowledgeable and exceeds expectations with every project. They produce measurable results – in fact, they have consistently exceeded results and goals given to them. Finally, they do what they say they are going to do, but push me to think differently about what we can achieve together. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to dominate with their digital efforts.

Director of Digital Marketing, Leading Healthcare Franchiser

Empowerment-oriented engagements with Search Discovery go beyond Activation engagements to directly impact the capacity and self-sufficiency of organizations and the departments within. The focus is on ensuring that when we finish the engagement, you are able to carry things forward on your own two feet or continue building momentum and expertise by working with us in new areas.

Most businesses who engage with Search Discovery on an empowerment engagement are trying to achieve one of two things: launch a new initiative with an experienced guide who will ensure they avoid potential pitfalls, or significantly level-up an existing organization or department, making them able to ingest, analyze, report on and tell stories about data in far more productive ways than before.

While we love activating other businesses’ data and people, there is nothing as fulfilling as teaching our approaches and watching a department thrive and grow on its own. There is no better example of our own abilities than our capacity to empower others to do what we do.


When executives recognize that they have cultural or structural opportunities that need to be addressed to enable a data-driven culture, Search Discovery works in an advisory capacity to provide perspective and guidance as we help drive change throughout the organization.

We bring years of real world experience from hundreds of engagements to help you understand how others are achieving success and how that can translate to your organization.

Search Discovery can be trusted to quickly provide knowledgeable, actionable advice. They consistently provide detailed guidance and recommendations based on the latest trends.  They have proven themselves to be an essential resource for our business, and continue to be a trusted partner.

Senior Director of Multi-Channel, Top-100 Internet Retailer

We believe that the key to successfully transitioning to a data-driven culture is the environment. The right tools, process and people are essential elements but they will not thrive if not given the right environment to do so. By improving the nature of how leadership teams set goals, request deliverables, and set communication cadence, thousands of hours of productivity and innovation can be unlocked within an organization.

While it is entirely possible for projects and experts to succeed in non-ideal environments, much like a plant can grow out of the side of a rock, it is by no means the optimal approach. The most successful organizations put conscious effort into ensuring their business is a highly conducive environment for ideation, innovation, and creativity, with accountability to data.

In an advisory engagement with Search Discovery, your leadership teams will receive concrete diagnostics and actionable plans that identify areas where gaps may inhibit the org, with particular focus on goal setting, org, budget allocation, articulation of strategy, interdepartmental and matrix communication, and psychological alignment to the demands of critical innovation and decision-making roles.

We want to help you solve today’s challenges while building your team and creating an environment where data can drive dramatically improved decisions, ultimately helping you achieve business impact. Contact us today to find out how our approach and expertise could help you.

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