Satellite & Evan LaPointe WAA Finalists

Search Discovery is proud to announce that Satellite and Evan LaPointe are finalists of the Web Analytics Association’s Awards for Excellence 2012.  This is Satellite’s first WAA nomination for Technology of the Year and Evan’s second year in a row as a finalist for the “Most Influential Industry Contributor”.

Satellite – “Technology of the Year”

Satelltie woohoo e1329419913267Satellite is a tag management system for people who think you shouldn’t need a computer science degree to manage and track your websites. Analytics, marketing, and a pile of other tags drive IT crazy, keeping them from actual work that will improve your site or app. Satellite puts an end to painful tag and technology management, letting marketers and analysts manage their tools with ease.  With Satellite’s straightforward interface, you can configure any tool or tag to do whatever you want.

Evan LaPointe – “Most Influential Industry Contributor”

Evan LaPointe

Redefining the role of the web analytics professional is a daily pursuit for Evan, who writes his blog and has monthly columns on Search Engine Land and Evan is a frequent speaker at events for organizations such as the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association and the Atlanta Marketing Association. His presentations are relevant and engaging at all levels of an organization, from analysts to C-level managers.

Recently, Evan has turned his focus toward creating Satellite which promises to turn tag management on its head and empower marketers to be less dependent on IT. Satellite is fully functioning on large client websites today and through implementation of the technology, reduced IT implementation time by over 95%. Post implementation, IT’s involvement is practically zero which puts tracking and data accessibility back into the marketers hands and circumvent well-known IT roadblocks. Satellite is a technology that takes advantage of the modern capabilities of web browsers and the web’s most popular application language: javascript.

Satellite allows site owners to manage and implement tracking technologies apart from the core code of the site with zero loss in robustness of implementation or data gathering ability. Much like CSS (cascading style sheets) separates the style of web content from the actual content itself; Satellite completely separates the tracking of web content from the content itself. Satellite also expands on the typical model of tracking that is based on a page load. For example, many ecommerce sites load a “thank you” or a “confirmation” page once an order is completed. That page contains information on the products purchased, the total revenue, and other information about the sale. Typically, tracking tags for various marketing efforts are placed on these pages to ensure proper revenue credit is attributed back to the marketing tactics that helped land the sale. But sites today have many “conversions” that do not have a “thank you” page, like newsletter signups, brochure downloads, blog subscriptions, and more. These types of valuable events may just happen in the browser on a single page, giving tracking technologies little to no opportunity to register the event taking place.

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