Each year, busi­ness profes­sion­als from around the globe travel to Silicon Slopes, UT for a confer­ence that does not disap­point. Domopalooza, a premier busi­ness manage­ment confer­ence hosted by Domo, is intro­duc­ing a new addi­tion to the agenda: the App Show­case.

Search Discovery, a premier Domo services partner and the Plat­inum Sponsor, has been invited to high­light our three inno­v­a­tive, custom Domo Apps. Domo Apps are power­ful visu­al­iza­tions that answer key busi­ness ques­tions for deci­sion makers, arming the user with infor­ma­tion to make the right deci­sions at the right time.

Amazon Vendor Performance

If you’re selling online with Amazon, you’re prob­a­bly looking for answers to the follow­ing busi­ness ques­tions:

  • How are my Amazon sales doing by depart­ment?
  • What have my histor­i­cal ship­ping costs been?
  • When will I need to replen­ish inven­tory?

Enter Amazon Vendor Perfor­mance. This app lets you manage your Amazon busi­ness dynam­i­cally with views into sales, inven­tory, oper­a­tions and search ranking includ­ing the ability to analyze trends and compare against histor­i­cal results. By viewing multi­ple Vendor Central reports in one loca­tion, you can keep an eye on real time product perfor­mance, inven­tory, oper­a­tions and lost buy box reports as well as see the changes in your metrics over time.

Social Media Competitive Landscape

Social media marketers looking to keep tabs on their competi­tors have several ques­tions they need answered:

  • How does my brand compare to others on social media?
  • What top messages resonate best with my competitor’s audi­ence?
  • What type of commu­ni­ca­tion do my competi­tors use most in social media?

Social Media Compet­i­tive Land­scape lets you quickly and easily compare your brand’s social media pres­ence vs. your competi­tors’ across the top three social chan­nels, pre-defined date ranges, and over a dozen engage­ment metrics.

Best Time to Post

Social media marketers want to time their content accord­ing to their audi­ence’s social media behav­ior. They may be wonder­ing:

  • What time should I post to drive the most user engage­ment?
  • Is that time consis­tent across social media plat­forms?

Best Time to Post’s user friendly inter­face makes it easy to deter­mine the best time to post and drive user engage­ment for indi­vid­ual social media chan­nels.

Contact us to schedule a demo at the App Showcase and enter to win an Amazon Dot!

About Search Discovery

Search Discovery is a digital intel­li­gence company that empow­ers orga­ni­za­tions to make trans­for­ma­tive busi­ness deci­sions. Our solu­tions empower smarter deci­sion-making. We help orga­ni­za­tions capture, under­stand and commu­ni­cate the right data to propel their busi­ness forward.

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