5 Things You Should Be Doing On Google Plus

by Jonathan Foulds

Businesses are now more than ever using Google+ as a popular tool to increase conversions, improve brand visibility in search, and everything in between. It is now more important than ever that your brand get the most out of Google+. So, what can you do to stand out from the rest of your competitors? Without further ado, here are five things you should be doing on your Google+ brand page to ensure that your brand gets the most visibility and engagement on Google+.

  1. Optimize Your About Section

The “About” section provides an opportunity for you to truly stand out by highlighting what your business is all about. When creating your tagline and introduction paragraph, think about the “who”, “what”, and “where” of your business and describe your product or service. In addition to the tagline and introduction, the About tab reserves space for links to key pages on your site as well as social media channels and other brand pages. Leverage these areas and drive Google+ users to your social profiles. Don’t forget to link to your website!

Starbucks About SectionStarbucks’ Google+ page uses the “Links” space for social media profiles and other brand pages.

2. Frequently Engage With Google+ Users

Focus on interacting with Google+ users through frequent posts on your page. Create posts with a call to action or ask a question as these are great ways to encourage users to comment or share with others. Posts should cover a variety of topics related to your brand and could include photos, press releases, and blog posts. If possible, link to any relevant pages on your site within posts.

Audi User EngagementAudi USA engages users through its posts and invites them to respond.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are designed to better organize content and help users find relevant information on Google+. Make use of hashtags related to your brand so followers can easily find posts, share content and tag photos with that particular hashtag. Consider encouraging followers to create their own hashtags.

  1. Adding Photos and Videos

As a brand, you have the opportunity to add photos and videos to your Google+ brand page. Not only can these media elements engage followers within the Photos and Videos tabs, but they can also lead to improved brand visibility within other search mediums such as Google image and video search. Add photos and videos to highlight company events, press releases, and other information.

H&M Photo SectionH&M utilizes the photo section to show off its new collections.

5. Submit a Verification Request to Google

Finally, you should submit a verification request to Google after you have acquired a “meaningful number of followers”. Verifying your brand qualifies you for Direct Connect, an easy way for users to find your brand within Google+. It is also an important trust signal for users and Google itself. While Google does not specify exactly how many followers constitutes a “meaningful amount”, you will want to be in a position of following and engaging with users on a regular basis before verifying. More information can be found on the Google Plus Verification Support page. To verify, visit the Google Plus Verification page.

Don’t miss out on these simple ways to improve your Google+ brand page. While it is not always easy to stand out from other brands, focusing on these five areas will put your business in the best possible position to have success on Google+.

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