by Jonathan Foulds

Busi­nesses are now more than ever using Google+ as a popular tool to increase conver­sions, improve brand visi­bil­ity in search, and every­thing in between. It is now more impor­tant than ever that your brand get the most out of Google+. So, what can you do to stand out from the rest of your competi­tors? Without further ado, here are five things you should be doing on your Google+ brand page to ensure that your brand gets the most visi­bil­ity and engage­ment on Google+.

  1. Opti­mize Your About Section

The “About” section provides an oppor­tu­nity for you to truly stand out by high­light­ing what your busi­ness is all about. When creat­ing your tagline and intro­duc­tion para­graph, think about the “who”, “what”, and “where” of your busi­ness and describe your product or service. In addi­tion to the tagline and intro­duc­tion, the About tab reserves space for links to key pages on your site as well as social media chan­nels and other brand pages. Lever­age these areas and drive Google+ users to your social profiles. Don’t forget to link to your website!

Starbucks About SectionStar­bucks’ Google+ page uses the “Links” space for social media profiles and other brand pages.

2. Frequently Engage With Google+ Users

Focus on inter­act­ing with Google+ users through frequent posts on your page. Create posts with a call to action or ask a ques­tion as these are great ways to encour­age users to comment or share with others. Posts should cover a variety of topics related to your brand and could include photos, press releases, and blog posts. If possi­ble, link to any rele­vant pages on your site within posts.

Audi User EngagementAudi USA engages users through its posts and invites them to respond.

3. Use Hash­tags

Hash­tags are designed to better orga­nize content and help users find rele­vant infor­ma­tion on Google+. Make use of hash­tags related to your brand so follow­ers can easily find posts, share content and tag photos with that partic­u­lar hashtag. Consider encour­ag­ing follow­ers to create their own hash­tags.

  1. Adding Photos and Videos

As a brand, you have the oppor­tu­nity to add photos and videos to your Google+ brand page. Not only can these media elements engage follow­ers within the Photos and Videos tabs, but they can also lead to improved brand visi­bil­ity within other search mediums such as Google image and video search. Add photos and videos to high­light company events, press releases, and other infor­ma­tion.

H&M Photo SectionH&M utilizes the photo section to show off its new collec­tions.

5. Submit a Veri­fi­ca­tion Request to Google

Finally, you should submit a veri­fi­ca­tion request to Google after you have acquired a “mean­ing­ful number of follow­ers”. Veri­fy­ing your brand qual­i­fies you for Direct Connect, an easy way for users to find your brand within Google+. It is also an impor­tant trust signal for users and Google itself. While Google does not specify exactly how many follow­ers consti­tutes a “mean­ing­ful amount”, you will want to be in a posi­tion of follow­ing and engag­ing with users on a regular basis before veri­fy­ing. More infor­ma­tion can be found on the Google Plus Veri­fi­ca­tion Support page. To verify, visit the Google Plus Veri­fi­ca­tion page.

Don’t miss out on these simple ways to improve your Google+ brand page. While it is not always easy to stand out from other brands, focus­ing on these five areas will put your busi­ness in the best possi­ble posi­tion to have success on Google+.