Six Excellent Google Analytics Admin Basic How-tos

Hi again! Now that you have learned how to install Google Analytics, let’s learn how to use Google Analytics through some of the commonly asked administrative questions that you’ll need to answer to manage your account. If you have any burning questions, feel free to reach out and we are happy to help!

How to access & add users to Google Analytics

If you’re ready to learn how to use Google Analytics, you’ll need to access it. And add users. Access your Analytics Admin screen by clicking on the gear icon in the lower-left corner. Then click on Account User Management from the Account column.

how to use google analytics-add users

This will show the current list of who has access. In the top right corner, select the blue plus button. From here you can either create a new group or just add a single user.

how to use google analytics-account permissions

Groups provide a great way to keep people with the same permissions together. When you add a user to the group, they will inherit the permissions of the group. 

Or, if you don’t have many people to give access to, it may make more sense just to add them individually. 

As a reminder, all users need a Google Account. Click here to create one. If you already have an email or a work email you would like to use, that is a-OK. Just select, “Use my current email address instead.”

how to set up google analytics-create an account

Pro Tip: Add multiple users at once by copying and pasting email addresses. 

For 360 users, consider user management from the Platform Home. This is a quicker way to give team members access to all the tools at once. Toward the bottom is the User Management section.

how to set up google analytics-platform home

You add the user to your organization. Then you can add them to a group or just  select which GMP products they have access to.

GA Admin 5

How to delete a Google Analytics Account or Property

Delete a View by selecting the “View Settings”.

how to use google analytics-delete view

Then select “Move to trash can” in the top right corner.

Goodbye, View!

how to use google analytics-delete property

Delete a Property by selecting the “Property Settings”.

GA Admin 8

Then select “Move to trash can” in the top right corner.

Goodbye, Property!

GA Admin 9

Delete the Account by selecting the “Trash Can”.

how to use google analytics-delete account

Goodbye, Account!

How to move a Google Analytics Property

First, to move a Property you need to be an Administrator on the Products you would like to move.

Next, you’ll want to link Products to the organization. To do this, either select “Link” from the top or the Organization Details. This works for all GMP products as well.

GA Admin 11

Now you can move Properties as needed.  

Navigate to the Analytic Property Settings you would like to move. In the top right corner, select to “Move Property”.

how to use google analytics-move a property

Just type the name of the destination you would like to move the Property to.  You can choose to keep or replace Property and View permissions to match that of the new destination.

how to use google analytics-move property

How to upgrade a Google Analytics Property to 360

Navigate to your Platform Home and then into Analytics.

how to use google analytics-upgrade to 360

Select the appropriate Analytics Account, then view the Properties.

GA Admin 15

Once you are in the list of Properties, there are two ways to upgrade them to 360.

1. Check the box to the left of the Property to upgrade and select the three vertical dots. Then just select to “Upgrade selected properties.”

GA Admin 16

2. Click into the Property and then into the Property Info box. Select the 360 Radio Button(s).

GA Admin 17

Welcome to 360!

Where to find your Google Analytics tracking ID

Access your Analytics Admin screen by clicking on the gear icon in the lower-left corner. Select the Property of interest and then click on “Tracking Info” from the Property column, then the “Tracking Code.”

GA Admin 18

You are free to copy and paste as needed!

How to log a ticket with Google

Google has an amazing help site with Just about any question you when you are learning how to use Google Analytics will have will have an answer here. For questions that you can’t find an answer for, check out the in-app Help tool located in the top right corner of the Analytics interface.

GA Admin 19

When you open it, popular topics will show, or you can type in your question to access the Help.  Select the “Need more help?” at the very bottom.

GA Admin 20

Classify your question, and then you can connect with Google’s amazing support team!

GA Admin 21

Happy troubleshooting! 

For more on learning how to use Google Analytics or to discover more about upgrading to Google Analytics 360, we’re here to help! Fill this puppy out.

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