A few weeks back, we celebrated one of my favorite times of the year—our annual Core Values Awards night. This post highlights the importance of our people and our core values in building our culture. 

What does it mean to be a values-driven company?

Search Discovery helps organizations transform their business with data, and our mission is to help people to thrive so that businesses can thrive. You can tell by our mission that we strive to be a people-first company, and while that extends to how we work with customers, it begins with how we align as a team.

At the center of all we do sits our Core Values, which define our team’s behaviors. These values guide us in how we select new members to join our team, how we communicate with each other, how we serve our clients, and how we recognize and reward individuals and teams. They point us toward the right thing to do when a difficult decision needs to be made.

Collectively, our Core Values of Pioneering, Humility, Craftsmanship, Judgment, Resilience, Accountability, Vision, and Wellness are what make us unique. Our team doesn’t aspire to live out our values, they embody them, and that’s what we believe makes Search Discovery special.

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The culture-building power of sharing stories daily

We keep our core values vital by talking about them almost every day. How? We share meaningful recognitions, aligned to our values, that reflect how much our team genuinely appreciates each other.

In practice, that means that a team member can share a recognition story about a colleague in our HR software solution that then populates a special company-wide “Props” Slack channel. Our whole team then reads these stories with delight and reinforces the recognition by adding creative emojis and sometimes comments.

The categories for recognition are, not surprisingly, Pioneering, Humility, Craftsmanship, Judgment, Resilience, Accountability, Vision, and Wellness. For a number of years, our team has done an amazing job of recognizing each other day-to-day, and in the past year alone, our team publicly shared over 450 stories of teammates who are living out our values.

"Giving props to our teammates when they do something above and beyond is extremely important to Search Discovery's culture. We all get to join in the celebration of a team member's public recognition in real time, either by displaying them in highlight reels in our office collaboration spaces, or on a dedicated slack channel!"

Molly Kenney, Operations Manager

Celebrating our people and our values with a big event

Five years ago, we decided to start a yearly tradition of celebrating team members that embody each of our Core Values in an exceptional way. Generally, we hold this celebration at a dinner that caps off our annual, company-wide, on-site meeting, but, since Covid, we’ve gotten creative and held the dinner online or in a partially virtual/ partially physical space

A couple of months before the celebration, we ask our team to nominate colleagues they see living out one of our Core Values in extraordinary ways. Team members can select as many colleagues as they want, but the nominations must include specific stories of how the nominee has lived the values in service to our clients and our team. Our leadership team then reviews the hundreds of nominations that we receive every year and selects an individual to recognize for each of our eight values. 

At our special Core Values Awards night, we gather to celebrate our team. A previous award winner announces the current year’s winner and shares the team’s collection of amazing stories and examples of how the winner rocked their value. It is truly an inspirational night and a genuine celebration of people like I’ve never experienced before.

Sharing our culture with you

This year, we wanted to take our appreciation of our people and values a step further by externally recognizing our 2021 Search Discovery Core Value Award winners.

This year’s winners are Meghan Rogers, Senior Platform Engineer, for Accountability; Cory Watson, Analytics Engineer, for Craftsmanship; Ade Lawal-Solarin, Senior Analytics Manager, for Humility; Sarah Baker, Senior Business Intelligence Manager, for Judgement; Greg Capoziello, Senior Business Intelligence Manager, for Pioneering; Rachel Starvaggi, Senior Digital Marketing Associate, for Resilience ; Merritt Aho, Optimization Director for Vision; and Tori Schurr, Digital Marketing Associate, for Wellness.

Over the next several weeks, we hope you will join us in celebrating these amazing individuals through our team’s heartening stories of their excellent work.

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Want to work with our award-winning, people-first, values-driven team? Check out our current openings.

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