A/B Testing with Satellite Tag Management

In past posts we have covered the ease and speed with which you are able to deploy and manage your analytics implementations with Satellite TMS.  Today I would like to show you how you can leverage the power of Satellite to deliver A/B tests without any additional tools.  That’s right, you read that correctly.  Satellite will allow you to deliver AB tests to your digital assets without any additional testing tool.  So let’s stop talking about this and  let me show you the steps to deliver an AB test to your site using just our solution.

The Setup

The test that we are going to walk through today is a basic content image swap.  On my blog I have a very lovely Satellite promotion, and I have chosen this area to test with another lovely Satellite banner.

Step 1: Identify the content to be tested

In the image below is the promotional area on my site that I would like to perform the test on.   With a quick search of the DOM, or by using Rover, to find the div that holds the content to be tested when can begin working on the rule to deliver our test.


Step 2: Select the target for the test

Once you have the area of your page that you want to be used of the test,  you have to create the target or the segment of your visitors that you want the test applied too.  If you would like more background on the ease of creating segments and sampling within Satellite, read this article.   Or you can watch this short video to see how quickly you can setup a segment that will only target visitors to your site based on the following requirements:

  • Secure pages only
  • Restrict to the /products/ sub folder
  • Time on site greater than 2 minutes
  • User has been to the site at least twice before
  • Only applies to a subset of all your domains
  • Only serve the tag to 25% of the traffic

For this example I do not need to create a target segment that elaborate.  Instead I will use a custom data element that will server up the test content to 50% of the traffic.


Step 3:  Provide the test content

Now that we have selected the area on the page that we want to test and the target segment of the test, it is time to provide the actual test content.  This does require a little bit of coding but by leveraging Satellite’s ability to handle fully formatted HTML as well as JavaScript, this is not as complex as you might imagine.  Using the div id that we found up in step one we just need to replace the default content with the test content.  Depending on the type of test you are running that code could be as simple as a few lines of basic html.


Step 4:  Validate the new A/B test rule

Now that we have created this rule that will serve a basic A/B test to your site it is important to test before publishing to production.  Because of the workflow features within Satellite you will not need to publish any code to be able to test this rule on your staging or development servers.  All you need to do at this step is pull up your test site in your browser of choice and wait to see the results.


As can you see in the above screen shot, the new test content is being served to 50% of your web traffic.   Yes, this was a basic example of how you can leverage the power of Satellite to deliver A/B testing to your users, but just imagine what you can do when you combine the features of Satellite with a full testing solution such as Adobe’s Test & Target.  Don’t just take my word for it, head over to Jason Thompson’s (Founder of 33 Sticks and Industry Veteran) blog to read what he has to say about it in his post “Super Charging your Optimization Practice with Satellite” 

Take the leap

Satellite Tag Management enables you to get out of the weeds by making the simple tasks easy and making the complex tasks simple, freeing your time to work on the complex items that can really have an impact on your business.  How long would it take you to accomplish the steps above using traditional implementation methods or even another TMS vendor?  Days? Weeks?  Months?  Are you willing to let a vendor dictate the pace at which your business moves?  Or are you ready to take a test flight with Satellite?

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