In past posts we have cov­ered the ease and speed with which you are able to deploy and man­age your ana­lyt­ics imple­men­ta­tions with Satel­lite TMS.  Today I would like to show you how you can lever­age the pow­er of Satel­lite to deliv­er A/B tests with­out any addi­tion­al tools.  That’s right, you read that cor­rect­ly.  Satel­lite will allow you to deliv­er AB tests to your dig­i­tal assets with­out any addi­tion­al test­ing tool.  So let’s stop talk­ing about this and  let me show you the steps to deliv­er an AB test to your site using just our solu­tion.

The Setup

The test that we are going to walk through today is a basic con­tent image swap.  On my blog I have a very love­ly Satel­lite pro­mo­tion, and I have cho­sen this area to test with anoth­er love­ly Satel­lite ban­ner.

Step 1: Identify the content to be tested

In the image below is the pro­mo­tion­al area on my site that I would like to per­form the test on.   With a quick search of the DOM, or by using Rover, to find the div that holds the con­tent to be test­ed when can begin work­ing on the rule to deliv­er our test.


Step 2: Select the target for the test

Once you have the area of your page that you want to be used of the test,  you have to cre­ate the tar­get or the seg­ment of your vis­i­tors that you want the test applied too.  If you would like more back­ground on the ease of cre­at­ing seg­ments and sam­pling with­in Satel­lite, read this arti­cle.   Or you can watch this short video to see how quick­ly you can set­up a seg­ment that will only tar­get vis­i­tors to your site based on the fol­low­ing require­ments:

  • Secure pages only
  • Restrict to the /products/ sub fold­er
  • Time on site greater than 2 min­utes
  • User has been to the site at least twice before
  • Only applies to a sub­set of all your domains
  • Only serve the tag to 25% of the traf­fic

For this exam­ple I do not need to cre­ate a tar­get seg­ment that elab­o­rate.  Instead I will use a cus­tom data ele­ment that will serv­er up the test con­tent to 50% of the traf­fic.


Step 3:  Provide the test content

Now that we have select­ed the area on the page that we want to test and the tar­get seg­ment of the test, it is time to pro­vide the actu­al test con­tent.  This does require a lit­tle bit of cod­ing but by lever­ag­ing Satellite’s abil­i­ty to han­dle ful­ly for­mat­ted HTML as well as JavaScript, this is not as com­plex as you might imag­ine.  Using the div id that we found up in step one we just need to replace the default con­tent with the test con­tent.  Depend­ing on the type of test you are run­ning that code could be as sim­ple as a few lines of basic html.


Step 4:  Validate the new A/B test rule

Now that we have cre­at­ed this rule that will serve a basic A/B test to your site it is impor­tant to test before pub­lish­ing to pro­duc­tion.  Because of the work­flow fea­tures with­in Satel­lite you will not need to pub­lish any code to be able to test this rule on your stag­ing or devel­op­ment servers.  All you need to do at this step is pull up your test site in your brows­er of choice and wait to see the results.


As can you see in the above screen shot, the new test con­tent is being served to 50% of your web traf­fic.   Yes, this was a basic exam­ple of how you can lever­age the pow­er of Satel­lite to deliv­er A/B test­ing to your users, but just imag­ine what you can do when you com­bine the fea­tures of Satel­lite with a full test­ing solu­tion such as Adobe’s Test & Tar­get.  Don’t just take my word for it, head over to Jason Thompson’s (Founder of 33 Sticks and Indus­try Vet­er­an) blog to read what he has to say about it in his post “Super Charg­ing your Opti­miza­tion Prac­tice with Satel­lite” 

Take the leap

Satel­lite Tag Man­age­ment enables you to get out of the weeds by mak­ing the sim­ple tasks easy and mak­ing the com­plex tasks sim­ple, free­ing your time to work on the com­plex items that can real­ly have an impact on your busi­ness.  How long would it take you to accom­plish the steps above using tra­di­tion­al imple­men­ta­tion meth­ods or even anoth­er TMS ven­dor?  Days? Weeks?  Months?  Are you will­ing to let a ven­dor dic­tate the pace at which your busi­ness moves?  Or are you ready to take a test flight with Satel­lite?