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We have acquired Peachtree AI, a technology services company that helps transition businesses into state-of-the-art, scalable organizations using artificial intelligence.

Peachtree AI was started to help people who needed to put artificial intelligence to work but had no idea where to begin. They have assisted clients in using artificial intelligence in a variety of scenarios, from implementing industrial artificial intelligence to empowering executives and data scientists with winning AI strategies.

Our acquisition of Peachtree AI accelerates our efforts to strengthen customer relationships and meet a growing demand from clients to use machine intelligence to solve prediction problems.  In the pursuit of using data to create competitive advantages, it is essential that we help our clients intelligently deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning to make faster, more informed decisions that drive more efficient operations.

Together, Search Discovery and Peachtree AI will guide our clients at every step along their data transformation path. From the first inkling of a data strategy to the systematic deployment of intelligent machine resources, our executable strategies will build deep, measurable impact and scale organizational capacity.

Our acquisition of Peachtree AI will help our clients:

  • Accelerate roadmaps to AI. Organizations who intend to use AI often stumble because they don’t have the data capability to do so: Their data is too noisy, fail to measure their core concepts, and do not exist in a structure appropriate for machine learning. Search Discovery’s expert data and cloud engineering team leverages partnerships with industry-leading CDPs to bridge the data capability gap in a matter of weeks, not years. This will let clients get to data science on their timeline, not the data’s.
  • Access needed capabilities to solve difficult problems. The application of machine learning and AI to problems in marketing and sales will separate the leaders from the rest of the pack. Nonparametric methods of prediction, instantaneous algorithmic decision making, and intelligent agents (such as chatbots) present expansive opportunity in many use cases, including customer segmentation, customer experience improvement, behavioral prediction, lead qualification, activation, A/B experimentation, dynamic resource allocation, pricing, optimization, and SEO.
  • Expand opportunities for data literacy. Understanding the various aspects of data and AI is critical to maximizing the benefits of data. However, executives are usually under-equipped to identify and compete on data science opportunities: Even when they are given professional development resources, managers and tech talent struggle to find a curriculum that can provide them with training in data science. Search Discovery offers a complete approach to developing data literacy at every level of an organization.

Peachtree AI’s cloud services, solutions, and retainers will remain in effect. Moreover, their open source code—which has grown to a well-forked network of more than 70 contributors—will remain publicly available. Both Search Discovery and Peachtree AI share an appreciation of the open source community and wish to give back to it with substantial contributions to the R- and Python-based data science packages we use on a daily basis.

This acquisition also renews our commitment to fostering an environment that is inclusive of and engaged with the metropolitan Atlanta area. Search Discovery and Peachtree AI are both Atlanta-based companies, and we believe it is the perfect location in which to grow the AI revolution.

We believe the future, enabled by the technology of artificial intelligence, is full of potential, and we endeavor to make the world a better place by helping our clients understand and integrate these cutting-edge technologies. Business will be enriched by productive interaction between people and artificial intelligence, each of which supports the other to make the world more prosperous. The way forward is to help our clients understand the benefits, appropriate use cases, and strategies for AI.

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