adCenter Offers More Traffic From Plurals


On Saturday, June 8, Yahoo! Advertising Solutions announced Microsoft Advertising adCenter (confused by all the names? We are too) will now help provide more traffic by delivering exact match traffic from plural forms even when you only bid on the singular form, or vice versa. You”ll now get exact match traffic from plural forms like “cars” even when you only bid on the singular form “car”. With this change, advertisers will now be able to receive more potential traffic without any additional effort on their part.

Previously, Yahoo and Bing (err Microsoft Advertising adCenter?) did not allow bidding on plurals, only the singular versions of keywords.  Only the U.S. and Canada markets are affected by this change, and online casino the system will only extend to plural (or singular) in cases where the meaning of the keyword is preserved. For example, “Chevy” (the car) will not be extended to “Chevys” (the restaurant) to help ensure relevant traffic.

You can exclude plural or singular traffic through the use of negative keywords, in the same way you use negative keywords to block matching to undesired search terms.

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