On Satur­day, June 8, Yahoo! Adver­tis­ing Solu­tions announced Microsoft Adver­tis­ing adCen­ter (confused by all the names? We are too) will now help provide more traffic by deliv­er­ing exact match traffic from plural forms even when you only bid on the singu­lar form, or vice versa. You”ll now get exact match traffic from plural forms like “cars” even when you only bid on the singu­lar form “car”. With this change, adver­tis­ers will now be able to receive more poten­tial traffic without any addi­tional effort on their part.

Previ­ously, Yahoo and Bing (err Microsoft Adver­tis­ing adCen­ter?) did not allow bidding on plurals, only the singu­lar versions of keywords.  Only the U.S. and Canada markets are affected by this change, and online casino the system will only extend to plural (or singu­lar) in cases where the meaning of the keyword is preserved. For example, “Chevy” (the car) will not be extended to “Chevys” (the restau­rant) to help ensure rele­vant traffic.

You can exclude plural or singu­lar traffic through the use of nega­tive keywords, in the same way you use nega­tive keywords to block match­ing to unde­sired search terms.

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