What is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics is a world class digital analytics platform that provides powerful data collection, processing and segmentation allowing marketers and businesses to understand their customers experience across their digital touchpoints. It helps create a complete understanding of your business so you can react to meet your customers needs and understand how to connect with them more effectively getting more from your marketing investments.

Key Capabilities

Adobe Analytics offers a comprehensive set of tools that let you dive deeply into the behaviors of your customers and business. These tools include: Marketing Reports and Analysis, Ad hoc analysis, Data Workbench, Predictive Analytics, Real-time Web Analytics and Mobile Analytics.

These tools will help you harness the power of your data enabling you to understand what is happening on your website in real time, predict likely impact of new campaigns and efforts and explore what is happening with customers across and within different segments.

Unlocking the Power of Adobe Analytics

The deployment of any new tool is a significant undertaking and must be done correctly to create trust in the data it will provide to your team. With Adobe Dynamic Tag Management, deploying Adobe Analytics to your websites, applications and mobile sites is simpler than ever. You can spend your time focusing on how you will measure success and not on implementation details.

Search Discovery Can Help

Let our team at Search Discovery help you. We have deployed Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager across thousands of web properties. Our experienced analytics team can help you with your measurement strategy, deployment of the Adobe measurement tools and help you get the most out of your analytics platform investment.

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