What is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analyt­ics is a world class digital analyt­ics plat­form that provides power­ful data collec­tion, process­ing and segmen­ta­tion allow­ing marketers and busi­nesses to under­stand their customers expe­ri­ence across their digital touch­points. It helps create a complete under­stand­ing of your busi­ness so you can react to meet your customers needs and under­stand how to connect with them more effec­tively getting more from your market­ing invest­ments.

Key Capabilities

Adobe Analyt­ics offers a compre­hen­sive set of tools that let you dive deeply into the behav­iors of your customers and busi­ness. These tools include: Market­ing Reports and Analy­sis, Ad hoc analy­sis, Data Work­bench, Predic­tive Analyt­ics, Real-time Web Analyt­ics and Mobile Analyt­ics.

These tools will help you harness the power of your data enabling you to under­stand what is happen­ing on your website in real time, predict likely impact of new campaigns and efforts and explore what is happen­ing with customers across and within differ­ent segments.

Unlocking the Power of Adobe Analytics

The deploy­ment of any new tool is a signif­i­cant under­tak­ing and must be done correctly to create trust in the data it will provide to your team. With Adobe Dynamic Tag Manage­ment, deploy­ing Adobe Analyt­ics to your websites, appli­ca­tions and mobile sites is simpler than ever. You can spend your time focus­ing on how you will measure success and not on imple­men­ta­tion details.

Search Discovery Can Help

Let our team at Search Discovery help you. We have deployed Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager across thou­sands of web prop­er­ties. Our expe­ri­enced analyt­ics team can help you with your measure­ment strat­egy, deploy­ment of the Adobe measure­ment tools and help you get the most out of your analyt­ics plat­form invest­ment.