Adobe DTM Makes History at Summit 2015

For those of you that were not able to join the 2015 Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, you missed one hell of a summit. Not only did Adobe have a record breaking 7,000+ attendees, but we also learned about the accomplishments of a near and dear technology within the Adobe Marketing Cloud. On the main stage of the opening general session, Brad Rencher, SVP and GM, Marketing Cloud at Adobe announced that Adobe DTM is:

“The most rapidly adopted digital marketing technology we have ever offered.”

See the full opening keynote

As the creators of Satellite, now renamed Adobe Dynamic Tag Management, this announcement yet again validated years of hard work creating, promoting, selling to Adobe and now servicing, one of the most important technologies in the digital marketing field. Adobe’s mission to allow marketers to make their campaigns faster, smarter, and more personalized when their data, software, and services are part of an integrated suite has been well documented and recognized by industry leaders such as the 2014 Forrester Wave Report.

Surprisingly however, there is still a lot of confusion in the world of tag management. As the remaining stand alone TMS vendors try to differentiate themselves, pivot into DMP’s and promote “build your own marketing cloud” strategies (which have a mix of merit and BS. Ask us why.), there is a deafening amount of noise to sift through. In the midst of that noise, Adobe DTM has been rapidly growing and yielding successes for its customers at an incredible rate, and here’s exactly why.

One of the most confusing aspects of tag management is actually understanding what it is and how it fits into your organization. It’s unfortunate, really, that tag management was ever named “tag management,” because that is actually a cart leading the horse mindset. When you step back to think about what tagging really is, it’s about the actions happening across sites, apps, kiosks, and coming late in April, our watches. It’s these moments you are reacting to with marketing tools and technologies; it’s the moments that are driving data collection, timing for displaying surveys, popping chat modules up, or deciding how, when and where to test or personalize a message or experience.

When Adobe went to acquire a technology to augment this space in their Marketing Cloud offering, they quickly realized that Satellite was built around this very view of marketing. This messaging can be seen going back 5 years in Satellite TMS promotional videos.

We’ve always known that tag management is so much more than just tags. You can see it in our marketing material from years ago.

It wasn’t really a tag management system according to the philosophy of its design. In Adobe’s language, it was much more a “millisecond management system” (Adobe’s core, holistic strategy of the Marketing Cloud is to help marketers react in just a few milliseconds to understand their audience and deliver personal, relevant, productive experiences). Satellite’s use of rules that can understand interactions, data, context, draw from 1st or 3rd party data sources, and much more was the perfect fit for their strategy.

And now, 18 months after the acquisition, the rest of the world seems to agree. Growing from 30 customers to 2,000+ in 18 months is a clear signal that a tool built to help marketers access critical moments in time is the approach that is preferred over the many tools built to create prefabricated and overly-static “containers” of tags that are deployed to pages.


Similarly, Adobe’s acquisition of Neolane the same year reflects the consistency in their strategy: Neolane, now Adobe Campaign, a best in class, rules driven system (also a millisecond-centric idea) for outlining customer journeys, is another flame out of the same philosophical matchbox. It’s a winning strategy, and it’s working.

At Search Discovery, we’re proud to be future thinkers. We’re proud to partner with brands like Adobe that are visionaries and want to help marketers succeed through innovative approaches. The acquisition of Satellite and its subsequent success as Dynamic Tag Management and the Activation Core Service proves that both Search Discovery and Adobe, the new home and center of its growth and excellence, are leading the vision for this industry.

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