For those of you that were not able to join the 2015 Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, you missed one hell of a summit. Not only did Adobe have a record break­ing 7,000+ atten­dees, but we also learned about the accom­plish­ments of a near and dear tech­nol­ogy within the Adobe Market­ing Cloud. On the main stage of the opening general session, Brad Rencher, SVP and GM, Market­ing Cloud at Adobe announced that Adobe DTM is:

The most rapidly adopted digital market­ing tech­nol­ogy we have ever offered.”

See the full opening keynote

As the creators of Satel­lite, now renamed Adobe Dynamic Tag Manage­ment, this announce­ment yet again vali­dated years of hard work creat­ing, promot­ing, selling to Adobe and now servic­ing, one of the most impor­tant tech­nolo­gies in the digital market­ing field. Adobe’s mission to allow marketers to make their campaigns faster, smarter, and more person­al­ized when their data, soft­ware, and services are part of an inte­grated suite has been well docu­mented and recog­nized by indus­try leaders such as the 2014 Forrester Wave Report.

Surpris­ingly however, there is still a lot of confu­sion in the world of tag manage­ment. As the remain­ing stand alone TMS vendors try to differ­en­ti­ate them­selves, pivot into DMP’s and promote “build your own market­ing cloud” strate­gies (which have a mix of merit and BS. Ask us why.), there is a deaf­en­ing amount of noise to sift through. In the midst of that noise, Adobe DTM has been rapidly growing and yield­ing successes for its customers at an incred­i­ble rate, and here’s exactly why.

One of the most confus­ing aspects of tag manage­ment is actu­ally under­stand­ing what it is and how it fits into your orga­ni­za­tion. It’s unfor­tu­nate, really, that tag manage­ment was ever named “tag manage­ment,” because that is actu­ally a cart leading the horse mindset. When you step back to think about what tagging really is, it’s about the actions happen­ing across sites, apps, kiosks, and coming late in April, our watches. It’s these moments you are react­ing to with market­ing tools and tech­nolo­gies; it’s the moments that are driving data collec­tion, timing for display­ing surveys, popping chat modules up, or decid­ing how, when and where to test or person­al­ize a message or expe­ri­ence.

When Adobe went to acquire a tech­nol­ogy to augment this space in their Market­ing Cloud offer­ing, they quickly real­ized that Satel­lite was built around this very view of market­ing. This messag­ing can be seen going back 5 years in Satel­lite TMS promo­tional videos.

We’ve always known that tag manage­ment is so much more than just tags. You can see it in our market­ing mate­r­ial from years ago.

It wasn’t really a tag manage­ment system accord­ing to the philos­o­phy of its design. In Adobe’s language, it was much more a “millisec­ond manage­ment system” (Adobe’s core, holis­tic strat­egy of the Market­ing Cloud is to help marketers react in just a few millisec­onds to under­stand their audi­ence and deliver personal, rele­vant, produc­tive expe­ri­ences). Satellite’s use of rules that can under­stand inter­ac­tions, data, context, draw from 1st or 3rd party data sources, and much more was the perfect fit for their strat­egy.

And now, 18 months after the acqui­si­tion, the rest of the world seems to agree. Growing from 30 customers to 2,000+ in 18 months is a clear signal that a tool built to help marketers access crit­i­cal moments in time is the approach that is preferred over the many tools built to create prefab­ri­cated and overly-static “contain­ers” of tags that are deployed to pages.


Simi­larly, Adobe’s acqui­si­tion of Neolane the same year reflects the consis­tency in their strat­egy: Neolane, now Adobe Campaign, a best in class, rules driven system (also a millisec­ond-centric idea) for outlin­ing customer jour­neys, is another flame out of the same philo­soph­i­cal match­box. It’s a winning strat­egy, and it’s working.

At Search Discovery, we’re proud to be future thinkers. We’re proud to partner with brands like Adobe that are vision­ar­ies and want to help marketers succeed through inno­v­a­tive approaches. The acqui­si­tion of Satel­lite and its subse­quent success as Dynamic Tag Manage­ment and the Acti­va­tion Core Service proves that both Search Discovery and Adobe, the new home and center of its growth and excel­lence, are leading the vision for this indus­try.