What is the Adobe Marketing Cloud?

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is a powerful platform that provides marketers with the integrated tools they can use to effectively and efficiently execute their digital strategy.

For the marketer who is interested in establishing a world class analytics solution the Adobe Marketing Cloud provides a compelling answer. This collection of tools will enable a marketing and digital analytics team to collect the data they need, understand their customers behavior, test and optimize campaigns and content, segment and target their users with the right experience and create predictive models based on past customer behavior.

Search Discovery believes the addition of Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager to the Marketing Cloud will allow marketers to get up an running faster, execute more efficiently and in general unlock the value of this platform much more quickly for marketers.

Adobe DTM + Adobe Analytics + Adobe Analytics = Power and Agility

The combination of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target is very powerful. The ability to measure and analyze your customers behavior and to segment, target and test experiences is best in class. The challenge with both of these tools today is the time to implement up front and the ongoing effort and cost to deploy new measurements, new tests or new targeting. This is where Adobe Dynamic Tag Management unlocks the power behind the tolls by simplifying the deployment of these and puts it squarely in the hands of the marketer.

Search Discovery and the Adobe Marketing Cloud

Search Discovery is a Certified Business Partner with Adobe and has experts in Adobe DTM, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. We have the team and the experience to help you get the most from your investments in these products whether you already own them or are just getting ready to reply them. Contact us today to see how we can help you unlock the real power in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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