Adobe Summit 2017 - A Comprehensive Overview

This was an interesting year for Summit. Should you be excited about what you saw?  Confused? Overwhelmed?

This post will answer those questions, in addition to offering advice and a little deeper insight. We have distilled mainstage content, session content, meetings with product and engineering teams, the multitude of client conversations and dinners we had, and the literal hundreds of discussions we had with booth attendees into what we feel are the most actionable ideas and points.

Feel free to skim through this and narrow in on the parts that are most relevant to you and your teams. There is a lot here, but there’s even more when it comes to best executing on all of these opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to send me a personal email with any questions you have.

In the coming weeks and months, the team and I will be diving deeper on several of these topics, based on your feedback. We will know what you want more of based on your emails, comments and replies on social media, so don’t hold back.


What this will cover

Search Discovery understands Adobe like few businesses can. We have worked on well over 300 client engagements, we are a close partner of Adobe’s with an uncommon level of access and insight into the business, and I myself spent about 4 years working at Adobe after the acquisition of Satellite (now Dynamic Tag Management, or DTM).

We are fortunate and humbled to have this standing, and we want to turn that into value for you through content like this and in our engagements with you.

In this post, we are going to talk about three things that will walk through what happened, how other attendees felt, and the strategies that will serve you best:

Announcements and What They Mean

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What We Heard From The Attendees

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Conclusions and What You Should Do

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What Adobe Experience Cloud questions can we answer for you?