Continuing its strategy of providing best-in-class analytics solutions, President Lee Blankenship of Search Discovery, Inc. announced today that the company would continue to serve as an analytics consultancy and implementation partner for the acquired Satellite™ tag management system technology.

“We are thrilled that Adobe recognized Satellite as the market leader in the TMS space and chose to add Satellite to the Adobe Marketing Cloud. As a strategic partner and leader in the analytics industry, Search Discovery will continue to work with both Adobe’s technologies as well as a broader range of measurement platforms.” said President, Lee Blankenship.

Search Discovery will continue to grow both the services and product development teams. We are focused on offering our clients unparalleled marketing and analytics services and are excited to follow through on that promise with the integration of the Satellite™ implementation services as a core offering.

Adobe is committed to a smooth transition for Satellite™ customers and partners. Continuing the technology agnostic approach under which Satellite was created, Adobe will retain third party analytics vendor tool integrations. For professional services around technologies outside of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, outside services providers such as Search Discovery will play an integral part in Satellite’s future.

Through the sale of Satellite, the first of several products currently under development, Search Discovery will continue to invest in experienced talent in order to provide best in class integrated marketing and analytics solutions to a broad client base. Core to the service offerings are marketing strategy consulting, data implementation practices, and strategic support for an array of digital platforms.