Contin­u­ing its strat­egy of provid­ing best-in-class analyt­ics solu­tions, Pres­i­dent Lee Blanken­ship of Search Discovery, Inc. announced today that the company would continue to serve as an analyt­ics consul­tancy and imple­men­ta­tion partner for the acquired Satel­lite™ tag manage­ment system tech­nol­ogy.

We are thrilled that Adobe recog­nized Satel­lite as the market leader in the TMS space and chose to add Satel­lite to the Adobe Market­ing Cloud. As a strate­gic partner and leader in the analyt­ics indus­try, Search Discovery will continue to work with both Adobe’s tech­nolo­gies as well as a broader range of measure­ment plat­forms.” said Pres­i­dent, Lee Blanken­ship.

Search Discovery will continue to grow both the services and product devel­op­ment teams. We are focused on offer­ing our clients unpar­al­leled market­ing and analyt­ics services and are excited to follow through on that promise with the inte­gra­tion of the Satel­lite™ imple­men­ta­tion services as a core offer­ing.

Adobe is commit­ted to a smooth tran­si­tion for Satel­lite™ customers and part­ners. Contin­u­ing the tech­nol­ogy agnos­tic approach under which Satel­lite was created, Adobe will retain third party analyt­ics vendor tool inte­gra­tions. For profes­sional services around tech­nolo­gies outside of the Adobe Market­ing Cloud, outside services providers such as Search Discovery will play an inte­gral part in Satellite’s future.

Through the sale of Satel­lite, the first of several prod­ucts currently under devel­op­ment, Search Discovery will continue to invest in expe­ri­enced talent in order to provide best in class inte­grated market­ing and analyt­ics solu­tions to a broad client base. Core to the service offer­ings are market­ing strat­egy consult­ing, data imple­men­ta­tion prac­tices, and strate­gic support for an array of digital plat­forms.