By Jor­dan Sil­ton, SEO Strate­gist

Remar­ket­ing can reach a very tar­get­ed seg­ment of your cus­tomers and dri­ve ROI fig­ures that are stronger than the dis­play net­work and close to, if not high­er than your PPC cam­paigns. That said, many remar­ket­ing cam­paigns are not opti­mized to their fullest poten­tial and have a lot of room for improve­ment. Even if you’re get­ting a great ROI, it doesn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly mean you’re done opti­miz­ing and there still may be a lot of room for growth.

In the most basic set­up of a remar­ket­ing cam­paign, there are two dif­fer­ent remar­ket­ing codes set­up on a web­site: one for all pages on the site, and anoth­er for thank-you or con­ver­sion pages. This is a great start­ing point because you are able to serve ads to two unique user groups. One group has been to your site, but not pur­chased a prod­uct, down­loaded the whitepa­per you have stuck behind a form, filled out an appli­ca­tion, or con­vert­ed in some way or anoth­er on your site. You can remar­ket to this group by encour­ag­ing them to come back and give you a sec­ond chance, or in may cas­es, just by stay­ing present so when they are ready to con­vert your site is top of mind. The sec­ond group has been to your site and con­vert­ed already. For these cus­tomers, you may be thank­ing them for their pur­chase and show­ing them a sim­i­lar prod­uct that goes with the one they already bought. In oth­er indus­tries, you may be encour­ag­ing the cus­tomer to start using the cred­it card they applied for or to return to your restau­rant after mak­ing a reser­va­tion to try it for the first time.

In this basic set­up, you’re able to do some­thing that was not pos­si­ble a decade ago– tar­get ads to spe­cif­ic con­sumer seg­ments based on their actions on your site. It’s quite remark­able if you think about it; you’re able to serve ads to only your cus­tomers while the browse the entire web. This is an excel­lent use of remar­ket­ing, and we love when are clients are set­up using this func­tion­al­i­ty to bet­ter reach their cus­tomers. Now, let’s take this to the next lev­el.

Lay­er­ing Audi­ences and Key­words

Key­words are are a form of con­tex­tu­al tar­get­ing that Google uses on the Dis­play Net­work. If you are run­ning retar­get­ing, there’s also a good chance that you are run­ning dis­play adver­tis­ing via text or image ads on Google’s Dis­play Net­work as well. As you have run your dis­play cam­paigns and ad groups, you prob­a­bly have nar­rowed down a few ad groups of key­words that are your best per­form­ers to dri­ve new cus­tomers. What would hap­pen if you sep­a­rat­ed out the ads you serve to your remar­ket­ing lists/audiences for these spe­cif­ic key­words? If they have a bet­ter ROI on in gen­er­al on the Dis­play Net­work, there is a good chance they will per­form bet­ter for remar­ket­ing as well. With a sol­id ROI, you now have more flex­i­bil­i­ty to change your bids. If you have a great per­form­ing group of key­words, you will want to be omnipresent for cus­tomers on these sites. Make sure to check your impres­sion share and think about adjust­ing your bids to max­i­mize your vis­i­bil­i­ty to your cus­tomers.

Lay­er­ing Audi­ences and Top­ics

Top­ics behave sim­i­lar­ly to key­words. A top­ic is essen­tial­ly a group of key­words that relate to a cer­tain theme. Lay­er­ing a top­ic on top of an audi­ence can tar­get a more rel­e­vant ad to them based on the web­site they are on. For exam­ple, if you’re in the auto indus­try, there’s an “Autos & Vehi­cles” top­ic. Google even dives deep­er into more pre­cise subtopics, such as “Trucks & SUVs,” “Com­mer­cial Vehi­cles,” or “Motor­cy­cles.” Top­ics are a quick way to test how cus­tomers behave while they are on dif­fer­ent types of sites. Let’s say you are in the auto indus­try and you sell both cars and motor­cy­cles. One of your remar­ket­ing lists tar­gets cus­tomers who viewed a SUV car page on your site, and you are serv­ing ads to encour­age those cus­tomers to come back and price out that car with your sales team. If that cus­tomer is on a site in the “Trucks & SUVs” top­ic, this makes a lot of sense, but maybe not in the “Motor­cy­cles” top­ic. Have you thought about inform­ing them you also sell trucks when they are brows­ing motor­cy­cles? Many of your cus­tomers could ben­e­fit from more than one of your prod­ucts or ser­vices.

Advanced tar­get­ing tech­niques with remar­ket­ing can help in a num­ber of ways. You can cross-sell oth­er prod­ucts, improve your cam­paign effi­cien­cy and increase sales. Please share your expe­ri­ences in the com­ments. We’d love to hear what inter­est­ing lay­er­ing strate­gies are work­ing for you.

If you would like to give this a try for the first time, con­tact your Search Dis­cov­ery team to learn more!