Are Call Metrics enabled in your Google AdWords account? If so, there are some impor­tant changes related to pricing that are planned to happen on or after May 16, 2011.

New pricing for phone calls to Google forward­ing numbers
Google will begin charg­ing $1.00 USD per manu­ally dialed call completed to your Google forward­ing numbers. Manu­ally dialed calls occur when poten­tial customers who are using a desktop or laptop computer see your ad and dial the number shown.

Charges for calls from click-to-call ads on a high-end mobile device are not chang­ing. Such calls continue to be charged as ordi­nary mobile search ad clicks. Learn more.

What’s next
In the near future, calls to a Google forward­ing number will be factored into Ad Rank calcu­la­tions, which deter­mine an ad’s posi­tion and cost per click. You’ll be able to influ­ence your ad posi­tion by spec­i­fy­ing a bid per call greater than $1.00 USD — similar to increas­ing your max CPC bid today.

For more details, contact your Search Discovery team.