Atlanta, Georgia – Decem­ber 2, 2013 – Search Discovery (SDI) announced today the release of Airlock, a new tool that will allow compa­nies to seam­lessly tran­si­tion from the legacy version of Google Analyt­ics to the new Google Univer­sal Analyt­ics without the need to re-tag a site. Search Discovery is offer­ing Airlock free of charge.

With the enhanced report­ing and data collec­tion bene­fits of Google’s Univer­sal Analyt­ics, we wanted to provide a way for orga­ni­za­tions to upgrade without the hassle or cost often asso­ci­ated with re-tagging a site,” said Lee Blanken­ship, CEO of Search Discovery. “Airlock provides this capa­bil­ity, as well as a safe­guard for compa­nies that don’t initi­ate a trans­fer and are auto-upgraded by Google in the future.

Search Discovery is known in the indus­try for its devel­op­ment of Satel­lite, a tag manage­ment product, which was purchased by Adobe earlier this year. It was also one of the first Google Analyt­ics Premium resellers in the indus­try. Because of the company’s deep knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence related to analyt­ics tech­nol­ogy, Blankenship’s team knew that helping compa­nies tran­si­tion to the new Univer­sal Analyt­ics (UA) was an oppor­tu­nity to assist the broader analyt­ics commu­nity.

Google has made avail­able a tool that will help Google Analyt­ics profiles tran­si­tion to the new Univer­sal Analyt­ics, and we would defi­nitely recom­mend that compa­nies re-tag their sites using the newest UA tags.” Blanken­ship said, “However, re-tagging can be a big finan­cial road­block for many compa­nies; Airlock will help those compa­nies that are using more sophis­ti­cated imple­men­ta­tions of GA avoid re-tagging or re-coding their sites until they’re better prepared for these changes.”

Switch­ing over to the new Univer­sal Analyt­ics is a two-step process using the Google tool, but one that may neces­si­tate website code changes. Because the “tags” for UA are signif­i­cantly differ­ent from the tags currently utilized for GA, compa­nies track­ing events in GA will need to replace exist­ing event “calls” when switch­ing to UA. Addi­tion­ally, the upgrade will require chang­ing ecom­merce track­ing, recod­ing virtual pages (pages that track conver­sions when using dynamic tools like Ajax or Flash), migrat­ing custom vari­ables to dimen­sions, as well as modi­fy­ing all social listen­ing track­ing.

Airlock.js is a JavaScript library devel­oped by the Search Discovery team that auto­mat­i­cally converts asyn­chro­nous Google Analyt­ics calls into Univer­sal Analyt­ics calls, lifting the burden of having to re-imple­ment a site when upgrad­ing to Univer­sal Analyt­ics. With Airlock, the only change that needs to be made to a site is adding the Airlock.js code, while leaving exist­ing Google Analyt­ics tags in place.

SDI devel­oped Airlock to help its exist­ing customers, but Blanken­ship and his team also saw it as a way to give some­thing back to the indus­try.

We’ve decided to offer Airlock free of charge to anyone inter­ested, no strings attached,” said Blanken­ship. “This year has been an incred­i­ble year for Search Discovery. We sold our tag manage­ment product, Satel­lite, to Adobe, where it is now Adobe DTM; we’ve added a number of talented resources and company offi­cers, greatly expand­ing our analyt­ics offer­ing; and we’ve moved into new, larger offices to accom­mo­date this excit­ing growth. We felt that Airlock was a great oppor­tu­nity to show our thanks.”

To learn more about Airlock, and to down­load the code, visit:

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Search Discovery (SDI) is a digital services and soft­ware devel­op­ment agency head­quar­tered in Atlanta, Georgia. SDI special­izes in tack­ling unique chal­lenges related to inte­grat­ing, opti­miz­ing and under­stand­ing big data, analyt­ics, and paid and organic search. In 2013, SDI sold its tag manage­ment product, Satel­lite, to Adobe, where it is now Adobe Dynamic Tag Manage­ment.


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