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Satellite, the world’s most advanced tag management system, has long been helping its clients achieve success in their respective businesses by enabling rapid deployment of analytics technologies.  Satellite’s one-step implementation means that you can quickly begin tracking user behavior on your websites and mobile devices.  But quite often, the Internet is only part of your company’s marketing strategy.  What if you’re also running magazine or television ads?  Until now, offline ad performance had to be measured separately – an effort which was costly and often inaccurate.

Satellite OmniBut no more!  Today we’re announcing the latest addition to the Satellite platform: introducing Omni™ – the easiest way to measure the success of your print and television ads!  That’s right: simply ask your creative agency to include your Satellite script block near the top of your print ad (or at the beginning of your television ad) and we’ll take care of the rest!  In just a few clicks you can begin collecting information about how many people have viewed your offline ads.  Our proprietary, patent-pending technology can even implant persistent information into the visitor’s brain (in accordance with federal privacy laws) to enable you to see how many visits your website received after a user saw your ad!

(Note: For our clients who also include radio advertising as part of their company’s marketing efforts, we are planning to release support for our tag in audio broadcasts in an upcoming release.)

To become a beta tester for Omni™, contact a member of the Satellite team today!

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