Satel­lite, the world’s most advanced tag manage­ment system, has long been helping its clients achieve success in their respec­tive busi­nesses by enabling rapid deploy­ment of analyt­ics tech­nolo­gies.  Satellite’s one-step imple­men­ta­tion means that you can quickly begin track­ing user behav­ior on your websites and mobile devices.  But quite often, the Inter­net is only part of your company’s market­ing strat­egy.  What if you’re also running maga­zine or tele­vi­sion ads?  Until now, offline ad perfor­mance had to be measured sepa­rately – an effort which was costly and often inac­cu­rate.

Satellite OmniBut no more!  Today we’re announc­ing the latest addi­tion to the Satel­lite plat­form: intro­duc­ing Omni™ – the easiest way to measure the success of your print and tele­vi­sion ads!  That’s right: simply ask your creative agency to include your Satel­lite script block near the top of your print ad (or at the begin­ning of your tele­vi­sion ad) and we’ll take care of the rest!  In just a few clicks you can begin collect­ing infor­ma­tion about how many people have viewed your offline ads.  Our propri­etary, patent-pending tech­nol­ogy can even implant persis­tent infor­ma­tion into the visitor’s brain (in accor­dance with federal privacy laws) to enable you to see how many visits your website received after a user saw your ad!

(Note: For our clients who also include radio adver­tis­ing as part of their company’s market­ing efforts, we are plan­ning to release support for our tag in audio broad­casts in an upcom­ing release.)

To become a beta tester for Omni™, contact a member of the Satel­lite team today!