Announcing the Launch of our Auto-Permissions App!

by Mar 1, 2019

Increased security and personalized data permissions just got a whole lot easier…

Primary concern for data gover­nance manage­ment in 2019: secu­rity. Secon­dar­ily, ease of data manage­ment. We’re excited to announce the launch of our Auto-Permis­sion app, which addresses these two needs. The app, in itself, is a power­ful tool, but as a part of an overall gover­nance strat­egy, it creates oppor­tu­ni­ties for visi­bil­ity and control over issues that have not been possi­ble before.

What the Auto-Permission app does:

The Auto-Permis­sions app allows a company’s data gover­nance manager to set permis­sions once that will apply to hundreds of down­stream data sets.

The app works by extend­ing the formi­da­ble capa­bil­i­ties of the Domo plat­form, which receives, joins, and helps to visu­al­ize torrents of data stream­ing into a company’s purview. In order to be useful to various segments of a company’s busi­ness (sales, HR, revenue, etc.), Person­al­ized Data Permis­sions (PDPs) are painstak­ingly applied to data, so that it is able to be securely visu­al­ized by the right segment or the right group within a segment. Hundreds of data sets may need to be defined and allo­cated permis­sions within every busi­ness segment; and busi­ness segments, in turn, may also be defined and grouped at myriad func­tional levels (North­east Sales Region, South­west Sales Region, etc.). Until now, PDPs have needed to be manu­ally assigned, moni­tored, reas­signed, checked, double checked–it’s been a labor inten­sive process.

The Auto-Permis­sions app makes PDPs much more easy to manage by allow­ing users to assign PDPs at a parent data set level that then auto­mat­i­cally flow down to chil­dren data sets. The app uses the same Domo inter­face that a user is famil­iar with, and allows the user to deter­mine parent/child data sets. Once parent/child data sets are deter­mined, permis­sions applied to the parent data set flow down to the child sets every 15 minutes.

How the Auto-Permissions app benefits users:

Since this new data gover­nance tool saves a data manager from the work of scru­ti­niz­ing hundreds of indi­vid­ual permis­sions, it also elim­i­nates the risk of human error: When so many indi­vid­ual permis­sions are required, it’s prob­a­ble that at least some permis­sions will be missed. In this way, the app also enhances data secu­rity, ensur­ing strin­gent, consis­tent control of the data.

Paired with a gover­nance dash­board solu­tion that gives clients visi­bil­ity into issues, the Auto-Permis­sions app provides the control to fix those issues quickly. Further, the app can func­tion to satisfy
customized user permis­sions needs by inter­fac­ing with third party plat­forms, includ­ing Sales­force.

If you’re looking for strate­gies that realize the poten­tial of your data, and you’re also inter­ested in strin­gent secu­rity, easy, quick control of permis­sions, and person­al­ized enhance­ment of Domo capa­bil­i­ties, this is the app for you!  
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