Announcing the Launch of our Auto-Permissions App!

Increased security and personalized data permissions just got a whole lot easier…

Primary concern for data governance management in 2019: security. Secondarily, ease of data management. We’re excited to announce the launch of our Auto-Permission app, which addresses these two needs. The app, in itself, is a powerful tool, but as a part of an overall governance strategy, it creates opportunities for visibility and control over issues that have not been possible before.

What the Auto-Permission app does:

The Auto-Permissions app allows a company’s data governance manager to set permissions once that will apply to hundreds of downstream data sets.

The app works by extending the formidable capabilities of the Domo platform, which receives, joins, and helps to visualize torrents of data streaming into a company’s purview. In order to be useful to various segments of a company’s business (sales, HR, revenue, etc.), Personalized Data Permissions (PDPs) are painstakingly applied to data, so that it is able to be securely visualized by the right segment or the right group within a segment. Hundreds of data sets may need to be defined and allocated permissions within every business segment; and business segments, in turn, may also be defined and grouped at myriad functional levels (Northeast Sales Region, Southwest Sales Region, etc.). Until now, PDPs have needed to be manually assigned, monitored, reassigned, checked, double checked–it’s been a labor intensive process.

The Auto-Permissions app makes PDPs much more easy to manage by allowing users to assign PDPs at a parent data set level that then automatically flow down to children data sets. The app uses the same Domo interface that a user is familiar with, and allows the user to determine parent/child data sets. Once parent/child data sets are determined, permissions applied to the parent data set flow down to the child sets every 15 minutes.

automated permissions

How the Auto-Permissions app benefits users:

Since this new data governance tool saves a data manager from the work of scrutinizing hundreds of individual permissions, it also eliminates the risk of human error: When so many individual permissions are required, it’s probable that at least some permissions will be missed. In this way, the app also enhances data security, ensuring stringent, consistent control of the data.

Paired with a governance dashboard solution that gives clients visibility into issues, the Auto-Permissions app provides the control to fix those issues quickly. Further, the app can function to satisfy
customized user permissions needs by interfacing with third party platforms, including Salesforce.

If you’re looking for strategies that realize the potential of your data, and you’re also interested in stringent security, easy, quick control of permissions, and personalized enhancement of Domo capabilities, this is the app for you!  
Contact us below and get the app.

And, hark! We’ve got so many more data governance blog posts!

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