Star Performance: Atlanta Ballet’s 2012 Nutcracker, a Case Study

As we gear up for this season’s Nutcracker and retailers stock their shelves with holiday merchandise (even before Halloween), Search Discovery is in strategy mode to beat last year’s success.

CASE STUDY: A Systematic Approach to Success

Our results are the product of a systematic test and learn approach to digital marketing designed to drive continuous improvement:

  1. Redesign the experience for cross channel
  2. Effectively manage digital marketing
  3. Scale volume through new channels
  4. Improve performance by a test and learn approach
  5. Use analytics to drive optimization

1. Atlanta Ballet Redesign

Using responsive design, the new Atlanta Ballet’s artistic design and usability allowed for easier navigation to deeper content to meet needs across devices

Ballet Case Study - NEW redesign

Search Discovery’s redesign of increased site visitation by 51% year-over-year, while reporting a 163% increase in mobile visitors through a better responsive design experience.

Ballet Case Study - NEW redesign stats

2. Effective Digital Marketing

Targeted ads across relevant digital channels and touch-points resulted in a surge of ticket sales ahead of goal from the beginning of the quarter

  1. SEO and Site Redesign initiated strong performance
  2. Paid Media and Retargeting sustained sales growth
  3. Social Media and Video helped support pre & post show engagement and social interaction to extend the conversation

Ballet Case Study - cross channel marketing

3. Scale Through New Channels

Expanding marketing channels in Q4 2012 scaled the program to efficiently find new prospects and ticket sales.

Ballet Case Study - scaled channels

4. Test and Learn

Search Discovery built an intuitive and efficient design to push prospects into the funnel. Ongoing A/B testing strengthened paid media and site performance.

Ballet Case Study - est and learn

5. Sophisticated Analytics

Search Discovery leverages best-in-class digital analytics practices and new technologies to help Atlanta Ballet make better business decisions.

  1. Utilized Satellite’s (now Adobe Dynamic Tag Management) effective tag management process to make analytics tracking more efficient moving into 2013 1. Major implementation efficiencies gained (time and resources)
  2. Enabled seamless data collection for an array of user behaviors never explored on the site
  3. Decreased lead time for data availability for more rapid decision making
  4. Integrating test and learn strategies drove more informed content choices moving into 2013
  5. On-going analysis and strategy sessions integrated with media teams

RESULTS: A Systematic Cross Channel Approach Surpassed Goals

The 2012 digital marketing program for the Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker was wildly successful due to a multi-channel test and learn approach.

  1. Redesign allows for easy navigation to content deeper within the site and through to purchase
  2. Scaled digital marketing programs were done efficiently and effectively
  3. A/B testing and analytics provided further insights to improve performance and guide decision-making

Ballet Case Study - 104percent of goal

The Search Discovery team credits:

  1. Omri Levin
  2. Angela Jones
  3. Carolina Beltran
  4. Jordan Silton
  5. Morgan Yates
  6. John Williams

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