Doubt­ing your analyt­ics tool imple­men­ta­tion can essen­tially render the data it provides useless. If you are not confi­dent in your data on site usage and trends, or if you believe you can get more bang for your buck by utiliz­ing more features in your web analyt­ics tool, Search Discovery is happy to help. In our audit of your analyt­ics tool we will:

  • Eval­u­ate the tagging strat­egy for effec­tive­ness
  • QA tags on the live site for correct­ness
  • Ensure all avail­able track­ing and report­ing features are used to their full extent
  • Provide recom­men­da­tions on how to improve both the imple­men­ta­tion and get the most out of your reports