Before any company can success­fully lever­age social media to achieve busi­ness goals, they must eval­u­ate the current social land­scape of their busi­ness, includ­ing any current social efforts and the efforts of key competi­tors. Whether you already have an active pres­ence on several sites or you are prepar­ing to enter the social world for the first time, our assess­ment will provide crucial insights into creat­ing a success­ful social pres­ence for your brand. If your competi­tors are already engaged with their customers through these chan­nels, our assess­ment will give you a look into what’s working and what’s not so your strat­egy is sure to posi­tion your brand favor­ably in the social world.

We assess:

  • Current pres­ence
  • Conver­sa­tion volume
  • Trend­ing topics
  • Senti­ment
  • Engage­ment
  • Sharing and viral poten­tial
  • Competi­tors’ strate­gies, strengths and weak­nesses

Our compre­hen­sive social media audit & compet­i­tive assess­ment is tailored to show­case the oppor­tu­ni­ties and threats to a success­ful social program for your busi­ness. If you’re a company looking to either launch or reshape your social pres­ence, our audit is a crucial resource that will give your brand the edge to connect with your customers in a mean­ing­ful (and prof­itable) way. It will help set reason­able goals and objec­tives for your social program, setting the base­line for contin­ual measure­ment, eval­u­a­tion and opti­miza­tion of all social campaigns.