Placing a “purchase” button on your webpage doesn’t mean that users will buy your product. Getting your content into the hands of the users that want it is harder than simply posting arti­cles on your site. Devel­op­ing a user inter­face that ensures both user and busi­ness goals are met is a prac­tice that requires both design expe­ri­ence and an under­stand­ing of the user. A usabil­ity expert knows how to create an inter­face that moves your users through paths easily and effi­ciently, giving them the oppor­tu­nity to complete your site goals.

Our usabil­ity audit will include infor­ma­tion and recom­men­da­tions on:

  • Best prac­tices analy­sis
  • Effi­ciency of interface/Speed of use
  • Conse­quences and feed­back
  • User percep­tion of archi­tec­ture
  • Site search
  • How struc­ture is commu­ni­cated
  • Navi­ga­tion usabil­ity
  • Overall page level usabil­ity
  • Learn-ability of struc­ture, site-wide conven­tions
  • Page level hier­ar­chy: orga­ni­za­tion of infor­ma­tion, typog­ra­phy, headers
  • Compat­i­bil­ity with browsers, mobile devices