Beyond Digital Marketing Services and into the Data-focused Solutions Frontier: Part 1

In a rapidly changing industry where data has never been more abundant or accessible, do you have solutions in place to focus data to your advantage?

The whole reason I joined Search Discovery is because we engage clients at every stage of data enablement, including strategy, implementation, business experiments, optimization, and organizational change management. We don’t just respond to clients’ needs with a service; we create data-focused solutions. And our solutions enable more efficient operations, clear business insights, and improved decision making across entire organizations.

Thinking that, writing that down, and saying it out loud feels good! As the Digital Marketing Practice Lead at Search Discovery, this approach is what gets me out of bed in the morning and makes me want to charge towards my day to day. Notice that I didn’t mention that Search Discovery is a “Digital Marketing Services” Company. That’s by design. We are heavily focused on digital marketing, but we are going about it a bit different than the norm.

I have spent my career to date diving into, building, and constantly refining in-the-weeds digital marketing strategies on behalf of clients and would-be-clients alike. I love it. I love the challenge that each complex opportunity presents to me and my team, because no two solutions are ever identical. We don’t live in an “out of the box” solution industry. If we did, would it be as rewarding? Perhaps for some, but not for the gritty, seasoned, and hungry vets who enjoy blowing up what we thought would work and starting over based on shifting brand strategies or the industry dictating change.

Change is inevitable and, over the years, we as Digital Marketers have had to react to a bevy of unprecedented advances, including: search engine mergers, forced “enhanced” mobile adoption—despite the industry not being universally prepared with mobile ready sites—ad copy options that nearly took up the entire SERP, and, of course, that time when the giant of the industry started to encrypt keyword search data…These types of changes force the industry to react, but at Search Discovery we are making changes proactively.

We are working to strip down the walls, not only those between disciplines, but also those between our unique service offerings in order to bring the right “solutions” to our client partners. Our team of Digital Marketing professionals are evolving from the multifaceted blend of the Digital Media, SEO, and Content experts that they have been, into data focused and trained experts. We do not want to rest on the laurels of our standard digital marketing certifications and knowledge. As an example, we now require that every team member is certified across the relevant and industry leading Data Visualization tools that our Business Intelligence Team utilizes. Additionally, we are evolving and certifying across the major site analytics platforms in order to not have to rely on our Analytics Team to implement/QA our efforts, or check site-wide tagging if an alert goes off at any time (especially during a high volume peak season). We want to not only build great strategies but to also make sure that our team understands the how and and why behind them, for the betterment of our clients’ and partners’ business goals and objectives.

The days of relying on numerous team members with niche expertise is ending. If your brand, or your service agency cannot answer the “in the weeds” questions on your standard status calls without bringing in “that person” for your inquiries as a follow-up, you should evaluate if your level of service and support is keeping up with the pace of this speedy industry.

You deserve a team capable of analyzing and activating the extensive data that presents itself from the qualitative and quantitative research of your site, its visitors, and your specific industry research. Impact should be made through extensive data analysis that helps to map out audience search behavior, as well as their triggers, outside influences, priorities, and concerns.

At Search Discovery, these insights are foundational to the work we do to build targeted experiences to further connect with customers in their current and future moments of need. We would love the opportunity to work with you and show you our deep consideration of all aspects of the digital ecosphere. Contact us here to see how we can work together.

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