Beyond Digital Marketing Services and into the Data-focused Solutions Frontier: Part 2

by Jul 26, 2018

In a rapidly changing industry, where data has never been more abundant or accessible, do you have solutions in place to focus data to your advantage?


In part 1 of this 2 part blog series, Tim Trus discussed break­ing down the silos of Digital Market­ing. By under­stand­ing and align­ing with our clients’ busi­ness models and cross-func­tional datasets, we enable each client to beat the market by provid­ing them with person­al­ized solu­tions, not just ad hoc services.

Among these durable, effec­tive digital market­ing solu­tions is the acti­va­tion of an orga­ni­za­tion’s people: While tech­no­log­i­cal capa­bil­i­ties have advanced enor­mously, the capac­ity to lever­age the latent poten­tial of data relies on the align­ment, moti­va­tion, and empow­er­ment of the indi­vid­u­als across our clients’ orga­ni­za­tions.

Search Discovery exists to enable people to thrive so that busi­ness can thrive. In the follow­ing exam­ples, I demon­strate how our people-first philo­soph­i­cal approach impacts indi­vid­u­als within an orga­ni­za­tion, how it solves three common prob­lems that our clients encounter, and how it trans­forms busi­ness ques­tions into busi­ness impact.

Challenge 1—When data gets lost in department silos:

One B2B client strug­gled to under­stand both how their market­ing activ­i­ties across chan­nels were driving new busi­ness and which levers they could pull to improve perfor­mance. From their stake­hold­ers, we uncov­ered where data lived—across analyt­ics, market­ing, and sales—and we built consen­sus around devel­op­ing real-time report­ing on their pipeline.  

Specif­i­cally, we worked with their team to design and improve their data collec­tion strat­egy across chan­nels, includ­ing click and view data where possi­ble. We then aligned with their CRM team to pull in Sales­force data, and we included their lead data scien­tist, who was able to enhance the data to better attribute value across touch­points. We also learned that the data was orig­i­nally inac­cu­rate due to the lengthy conver­sion cycle of a lead.  

The result was a dash­board that revo­lu­tion­ized cross-depart­men­tal meet­ings. More impor­tantly, our plan, which aligned people across depart­ments, enabled client stake­hold­ers to thrive in their roles, since they now knew where perfor­mance stood at any given moment and would no longer need to rely on manual data analy­ses.

Challenge 2—When a parent company needs a plan to target customers across several brands:

Another client, a lead gener­a­tion giant, had acquired multi­ple compet­i­tive brands. We initi­ated a meeting with inter­nal lead­er­ship and framed a brain­storm around the ques­tion, How do we best lever­age this newfound wealth of data—across these three brands—in Digital Market­ing?

Our team worked across each company’s IT and digital market­ing teams to isolate the strengths of each brand and to better clarify, as well as differ­en­ti­ate, each brand’s ideal customers. We then collab­o­rated with their respec­tive data teams to collect and connect their collec­tive audi­ence data in order to segment and target the ideal customers for each brand.  

The result of this cross-polli­na­tion approachwhich aligned teams across lines of busi­ness to lever­age shared audi­enceselevated the collec­tive perfor­mance of all three of their brands across KPIs and further estab­lished their parent company’s indus­try domi­nance.

Challenge 3—When the needs of a retailer change and expand…Just in time for the holidays!:

One compet­i­tive Retail client had only engaged with us on Paid Search, but, given the chal­leng­ing market, they decided to look to us for thought lead­er­ship on how they could improve their go-to-market strat­egy.

Despite being siloed to one channel in their media mix, we stepped back to inter­view stake­hold­ers and review histor­i­cal perfor­mance in order to better under­stand their busi­ness model, season­al­ity, and objec­tives. Through that process, we found oppor­tu­nity through previ­ously unforged, simple connec­tions between merchan­dis­ers and their market­ing team. We created and main­tained a commu­ni­ca­tion and feed­back loop going into the Holiday season, which gave us a near real-time idea of where stock was low and where partic­u­lar strate­gic depart­men­tal cate­gories could use digital media support.  

That up-front invest­ment in align­ing their people led to record holiday sales in key compet­i­tive cate­gories of their busi­ness.

These are the prob­lems we love to solve because we love people. We want people to thrive, and we know that when we help orga­nize, empower, and acti­vate them, we’re tapping into the one true source that drives posi­tive busi­ness impact.

Have we figured out every­thing?  Nope. Because the beauty of tech­no­log­i­cal progress brings with it expo­nen­tial increases in prob­lems to solve. Instead, we hire, develop, and work with the best and the bright­est we can find, because every solu­tion has one thing in common: It’s all about the people.

Ready to align people across your orga­ni­za­tion in order to lever­age the power of data and drive busi­ness? Contact us here.