Beyond Digital Marketing Services and into the Data-focused Solutions Frontier: Part 2

In a rapidly changing industry, where data has never been more abundant or accessible, do you have solutions in place to focus data to your advantage?


In part 1 of this 2 part blog series, Tim Trus discussed breaking down the silos of Digital Marketing. By understanding and aligning with our clients’ business models and cross-functional datasets, we enable each client to beat the market by providing them with personalized solutions, not just ad hoc services.

Among these durable, effective digital marketing solutions is the activation of an organization’s people: While technological capabilities have advanced enormously, the capacity to leverage the latent potential of data relies on the alignment, motivation, and empowerment of the individuals across our clients’ organizations.

Search Discovery exists to enable people to thrive so that business can thrive. In the following examples, I demonstrate how our people-first philosophical approach impacts individuals within an organization, how it solves three common problems that our clients encounter, and how it transforms business questions into business impact.

Challenge 1—When data gets lost in department silos:

One B2B client struggled to understand both how their marketing activities across channels were driving new business and which levers they could pull to improve performance. From their stakeholders, we uncovered where data lived—across analytics, marketing, and sales—and we built consensus around developing real-time reporting on their pipeline.  

Specifically, we worked with their team to design and improve their data collection strategy across channels, including click and view data where possible. We then aligned with their CRM team to pull in Salesforce data, and we included their lead data scientist, who was able to enhance the data to better attribute value across touchpoints. We also learned that the data was originally inaccurate due to the lengthy conversion cycle of a lead.  

The result was a dashboard that revolutionized cross-departmental meetings. More importantly, our plan, which aligned people across departments, enabled client stakeholders to thrive in their roles, since they now knew where performance stood at any given moment and would no longer need to rely on manual data analyses.

Challenge 2—When a parent company needs a plan to target customers across several brands:

Another client, a lead generation giant, had acquired multiple competitive brands. We initiated a meeting with internal leadership and framed a brainstorm around the question, How do we best leverage this newfound wealth of data—across these three brands—in Digital Marketing?

Our team worked across each company’s IT and digital marketing teams to isolate the strengths of each brand and to better clarify, as well as differentiate, each brand’s ideal customers. We then collaborated with their respective data teams to collect and connect their collective audience data in order to segment and target the ideal customers for each brand.  

The result of this cross-pollination approachwhich aligned teams across lines of business to leverage shared audienceselevated the collective performance of all three of their brands across KPIs and further established their parent company’s industry dominance.

Challenge 3—When the needs of a retailer change and expand…Just in time for the holidays!:

One competitive Retail client had only engaged with us on Paid Search, but, given the challenging market, they decided to look to us for thought leadership on how they could improve their go-to-market strategy.

Despite being siloed to one channel in their media mix, we stepped back to interview stakeholders and review historical performance in order to better understand their business model, seasonality, and objectives. Through that process, we found opportunity through previously unforged, simple connections between merchandisers and their marketing team. We created and maintained a communication and feedback loop going into the Holiday season, which gave us a near real-time idea of where stock was low and where particular strategic departmental categories could use digital media support.  

That up-front investment in aligning their people led to record holiday sales in key competitive categories of their business.

These are the problems we love to solve because we love people. We want people to thrive, and we know that when we help organize, empower, and activate them, we’re tapping into the one true source that drives positive business impact.

Have we figured out everything?  Nope. Because the beauty of technological progress brings with it exponential increases in problems to solve. Instead, we hire, develop, and work with the best and the brightest we can find, because every solution has one thing in common: It’s all about the people.

Ready to align people across your organization in order to leverage the power of data and drive business? Contact us here.  

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