Beyond the Dashboard: An Implementation Success Story

by Mar 7, 2019

When a client interested in a standard dashboard realizes the value of comprehensive data strategy expertise….

This post is not to brag about a success­ful imple­men­ta­tion so much as it is to share the story of a recent time when change manage­ment went really well. For readers hoping to develop better dash­boards or gain digital market­ing exper­tise, this story can hope­fully shine light on unex­plored avenues for gaining adop­tion and expe­ri­ence and also demon­strate how a part­ner­ship with SDI can bring about trans­for­ma­tion within an orga­ni­za­tion.

The Scoop:

Our rela­tion­ship with a client,  “a large south­west PA inte­grated service provider*,” was a typical imple­men­ta­tion that exploded. In phases. Like a rocket.

In phase one, the client wanted a stan­dard, out-of-the-box, market­ing analyt­ics dash­board, AND they were concerned about adop­tion rates for a new tool if we changed things up too much. To satisfy these needs, we listened, and the client revealed that actu­ally their needs extended to multi­ple areas of their market­ing oper­a­tions.

Once we had the oppor­tu­nity to combine and visu­al­ize data from these other areas, we were able to extend the scope of the project, because we were able to demon­strate the value of collect­ing data so broadly. This led to being able to work with the client to trans­form the way they keep and report data across inter­nal systems, which led to being able to support them in answer­ing ques­tions of adop­tion. We gave the client support on change manage­ment and on branch­ing out to more part of their orga­ni­za­tion, in order to see and realize big-picture goals.

In the next phase, we expanded not just into a broader imple­men­ta­tion of the dash­board, but all the compo­nents that support that dash­board: data gover­nance, data manage­ment, data liter­acy, change manage­ment, a measure­ment frame­work, and media exper­tise.

These compre­hen­sive compe­ten­cies bolster the value of the client’s dash­board and get them more excited in think­ing about oppor­tu­ni­ties that they can incor­po­rate into their dash­boards. The client began think­ing about not just what they
could build in Domo, but how they could build better dash­boards. Also, they’re now think­ing about what ELSE they can build; in other words, now that they’ve real­ized the power of dash­boards, they want to build dash­boards in brand new areas. We’re support­ing them through the process, along with provid­ing train­ing and exper­tise, to be able to utilize the data to drive busi­ness deci­sions.

This imple­men­ta­tion has been success­ful, not just because we were able to provide dash­board tools, but because within their orga­ni­za­tion we’ve
grown digital market­ing exper­tise that will be trans­for­ma­tional to their busi­ness. Their dash­boards will always be more valu­able. When a client can gain better measure­ment frame­work or a greater under­stand­ing of digital market­ing, then they can build a better dash­board. When they gain change manage­ment process, they’ll get better usage of their dash­board. And if they improved gover­nance and manage­ment, the data within the dash­board is more robust.

Our latest phase in this imple­men­ta­tion is ongoing and can be summa­rized in one word that resonates through­out the galaxy: profit. But, too, this is ongoing phase is where benefit gets harder to concretize. Profit is hard to measure here, espe­cially because it’s hard to compare to how things used to be. That is, they didn’t measure well enough before to estab­lish a base­line measure­ment.

Enact­ing funda­men­tal change is a bit like moving a glacier. Never­the­less, we are making funda­men­tal changes in their processes, giving them access to info they haven’t had before, and helping them think about their data and processes better. We’re making progress and gath­er­ing momen­tum, and the direct changes we see now are in improved processes, better visi­bil­ity into the busi­ness, improved deci­sion-making, less re-work, and less frus­tra­tion and confu­sion.

But how did we get there?

Part of the success in this imple­men­ta­tion was our orien­ta­tion towards, “Lets help you make the most out of what­ever you’re going to bring in.” Obvi­ously, the client was trust­ing us to make improve­ments to their exist­ing tools. But that trust was further solid­i­fied by our ability to provide exper­tise in multi­ple areas beyond their expec­ta­tions. And because we listened to their needs up front, we provided exper­tise with an aware­ness of the impor­tance of commu­ni­cat­ing how the client could manage their change and how we can support them through it.

If you would like to expand your capac­i­ties and compe­ten­cies beyond the scope of your current program, or if you have any ques­tions related to build­ing a rela­tion­ship that propels your orga­ni­za­tion, contact us below. It has never been a better time to… blast off!

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*There are GOOD, legal reasons why we’re using this descrip­tion for our client, who, for the time being, is to remain name­less…

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