Beyond the Dashboard: An Implementation Success Story

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When a client interested in a standard dashboard realizes the value of comprehensive data strategy expertise….

This post is not to brag about a successful implementation so much as it is to share the story of a recent time when change management went really well. For readers hoping to develop better dashboards or gain digital marketing expertise, this story can hopefully shine light on unexplored avenues for gaining adoption and experience and also demonstrate how a partnership with SDI can bring about transformation within an organization.

The Scoop:

Our relationship with a client,  “a large southwest PA integrated service provider*,” was a typical implementation that exploded. In phases. Like a rocket.

In phase one, the client wanted a standard, out-of-the-box, marketing analytics dashboard, AND they were concerned about adoption rates for a new tool if we changed things up too much. To satisfy these needs, we listened, and the client revealed that actually their needs extended to multiple areas of their marketing operations.

Once we had the opportunity to combine and visualize data from these other areas, we were able to extend the scope of the project, because we were able to demonstrate the value of collecting data so broadly. This led to being able to work with the client to transform the way they keep and report data across internal systems, which led to being able to support them in answering questions of adoption. We gave the client support on change management and on branching out to more part of their organization, in order to see and realize big-picture goals.

In the next phase, we expanded not just into a broader implementation of the dashboard, but all the components that support that dashboard: data governance, data management, data literacy, change management, a measurement framework, and media expertise.

These comprehensive competencies bolster the value of the client’s dashboard and get them more excited in thinking about opportunities that they can incorporate into their dashboards. The client began thinking about not just what they
could build in Domo, but how they could build better dashboards. Also, they’re now thinking about what ELSE they can build; in other words, now that they’ve realized the power of dashboards, they want to build dashboards in brand new areas. We’re supporting them through the process, along with providing training and expertise, to be able to utilize the data to drive business decisions.

This implementation has been successful, not just because we were able to provide dashboard tools, but because within their organization we’ve
grown digital marketing expertise that will be transformational to their business. Their dashboards will always be more valuable. When a client can gain better measurement framework or a greater understanding of digital marketing, then they can build a better dashboard. When they gain change management process, they’ll get better usage of their dashboard. And if they improved governance and management, the data within the dashboard is more robust.

Our latest phase in this implementation is ongoing and can be summarized in one word that resonates throughout the galaxy: profit. But, too, this is ongoing phase is where benefit gets harder to concretize. Profit is hard to measure here, especially because it’s hard to compare to how things used to be. That is, they didn’t measure well enough before to establish a baseline measurement.

Enacting fundamental change is a bit like moving a glacier. Nevertheless, we are making fundamental changes in their processes, giving them access to info they haven’t had before, and helping them think about their data and processes better. We’re making progress and gathering momentum, and the direct changes we see now are in improved processes, better visibility into the business, improved decision-making, less re-work, and less frustration and confusion.

But how did we get there?

Part of the success in this implementation was our orientation towards, “Lets help you make the most out of whatever you’re going to bring in.” Obviously, the client was trusting us to make improvements to their existing tools. But that trust was further solidified by our ability to provide expertise in multiple areas beyond their expectations. And because we listened to their needs up front, we provided expertise with an awareness of the importance of communicating how the client could manage their change and how we can support them through it.

If you would like to expand your capacities and competencies beyond the scope of your current program, or if you have any questions related to building a relationship that propels your organization, contact us below. It has never been a better time to… blast off!

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*There are GOOD, legal reasons why we’re using this description for our client, who, for the time being, is to remain nameless…

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