On Thurs­day March 24th, Search Discovery’s Chief Direc­tor of SEO Tech­nol­ogy, Brian Ussery, will be speak­ing at SES New York. His session will cover the impli­ca­tions of dupli­cate content and multi­ple site issues on SEO. Deter­min­ing who is the “owner” of online content is an impor­tant factor in search engine rank­ings. He will cover SEO issues with syndi­cated content, mirror sites, and more.

Search Engine Strate­gies (SES) NY is the leading confer­ence for search and social market­ing. Since the confer­ence began in 1999, it has been bring­ing indus­try leaders together to share their expe­ri­ence and knowl­edge of SEO.

Brian will also be moder­at­ing a panel on Wednes­day March 23rd. The panel will cover tech­ni­cal SEO topics ranging from control­ling SERP vari­ables to under­stand­ing coding issues on your site.