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What’s Your Dependent Variable?

Considering your marketing strategies and tactics through the lens of an equation can provide powerful clarity, both in how you execute and in how and where you use data and analytics.

When and Why to Use Branded Paid Search & How to Test its Impact

Many brands wonder this: “Why should we spend money on branded paid search when we get organic search for free?” We detail here instances where it makes sense to have branded paid search, its benefits, and how to set up a test that delivers useful insights.

How to Optimize Ad Spend with an Automated Bidding Strategy for ROAS and CPA

In an effective automated bid strategy, marketers need to choose the appropriate metrics relative to their goals and set effective target ROAS (return on ad spend) and target CPAs (cost per conversion). This post helps you optimize ad spend within paid search. Embracing machine learning for automated bidding is becoming increasingly important. It’s not a …

How to Optimize Ad Spend with an Automated Bidding Strategy for ROAS and CPA Read More »

Are You Down with RCT? The Solution to the 360-degree Fallacy

We outline a fundamentally different approach—randomized controlled trial study (RCT)—that does not fall prey to issues faced by marketers and analysts trying to rely on data that’s incomplete and getting worse.

Identity Resolution Deep Dives

We review Identity Resolution, what it is and how it is used. Read more to see the benefits of this solution and how we can help!

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